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Eily O Connell: What is it?

Eily O Connell jewellery is truly a cut above the rest. Featuring collections of enchanting and original statement designs, this jewellery is romanticists’ treasure. 

Owner, director and goldsmith, Eily O Connell, is heavily inspired by the natural world. So much so that each piece is cast from a natural object, which is why each item is distinct in texture and style.

The collections, from ‘sea monsters’ to ‘forest treasures’, vary from whimsical to more gothic-themed designs. They feature an impressive mix of stunningly arranged gemstones, enamels and metals, granting her pieces a strong otherworldly quality. 

O Connell explains: “I see jewellery as a tool to convey more than just its value. Stepping further into the realms of miniature sculpture, jewellery can become so much more than an object”.

If you’ve fallen in love with this jewellery like we have, you have the option of purchasing pre-designed pieces or order something bespoke, designed just for you.

Eily O Connell: How sustainable is it?

What makes Eily O Connell jewellery even more special is that it is made with sustainability in mind. O Connell prides herself on crafting her pieces using high quality, ethical and well sourced materials. 

She uses all recycled gold and silver for the main body of her items.

Gemstones, however, are notoriously difficult to mine ethically. O Connell sources roughly 50% of her gemstones from Fairtrade.

A testament to this conscious approach, all packaging and marketing materials used are recycled and recyclable, including the ribbon and printing paper. 

O Connell almost entirely produces her items by herself in her studio, with the exception of getting the casting done in the UK.

Notably, her collections often highlight important ecological issues which are in keeping with messages of sustainability. As mentioned, appreciation for the natural world features heavily across her work, with the theme of ‘mans destruction of nature’ being a base inspiration for some designs – in a bid to illuminate the harm we are doing to the planet. 

For instance, after studying the glacial melt and then travelling to Iceland in 2020, O Connell explored the topic of this environmental impact through the creation of her collection ‘Float’.

Eily O Connell: Where can I buy it?

Clifton Rocks Gallery in Bristol; Victoria Sewart Gallery in Plymouth; @worksgallery in London; Parostore via online; Ross Fine Art Gallery in Ireland. 

Or visit: eilyoconnell.com

Visit Eily O Connell


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