Large or small, all veg or no veg, food box delivery schemes have become the heroes of the hour in the uncertain times of Covid-19. So much so that many are not able to take on new customers at the moment – leaving the rest of us hungry for our organic potato rosti-topped shepherdess pie recipe box.

But no fear! Sure, the bigger names are inundated, but the good news is food is plentiful. There are lots of farms and fishers producing lots of food around Britain. There’s also people with all different skill sets working around the clock to create new networks so this food is moving from the farm to your door. These are the farms whose usual supply chains, such as delivering to restaurants, are currently disrupted.  

Ordering from these smaller businesses is win-win. The farmers and fishers provide us with food. We support the livelihoods of the farmers, growers and fishers who are working harder than ever to keep us fed. ⁣

Nationwide food box delivery: Farms to Feed Us

Farms to Feed Us is an incredible – and incredibly easy to use – digital database that has been created in response to the Covid-19 crisis. It connects people directly with farms, fishers and growers, enabling you to buy fresh food directly from the farms closest to you.

More than 200 farmers, growers and suppliers across the country have signed up so far, and the number is growing.

A website is in the works, but in the meantime the farms are organised in a spreadsheet according to town and county. This means it can be filtered and printed off to be shared with those who are not so computer-savvy. 

Download here

Nationwide food box delivery: Open Food Network

Now, the Open Food Network has been around for a good couple of years and its goal is to allow farmers to sell produce online to consumers. Think of it as an online farmer’s market. 

It has more than 1,000 farmers on its website and some of our live Frankly faves, including Sole of Discretion

Be warned, it’s not the slickest of operations, especially if you’re used to ordering from well-oiled machines that have had a lot of investment pumped into them to make them very consumer friendly.

You may need some patience to work out the navigation. But, your patience will be rewarded when the ingredients for an utterly delicious dinner delivered directly to your door.

Once you’ve set your account up, it will become easier to use and you could be set up beyond this crisis – continuing to support farmers, growers and fishers directly. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

Open Food Network

Nationwide food box delivery: Food on the Table

Abel & Cole do have a slick website and they have done a brilliant job of supplying organic food (albeit with restricted choice) to their existing customers. We should know, we’re one of them.

They are using their expertise and strong delivery network to take non-organic food that was destined for restaurants and diverting it to your door, with the goal of helping as many people as they can.

This means they’re offering two boxes: The Fruit & Veg Box (£18) and The Pantry Box (£20) on a weekly subscription basis. 

You can read more about how it works here.

To order, the service is a mere phone call away: 03452 62 62 66

Allplants | vegan spring risotto

Nationwide ready-to-cook meals delivery: Allplants

These pre-prepared frozen vegan meals can be ordered directly to your door, ready to be popped straight into the oven or microwave. 

There are 22 meals to choose from, including three mushroom risotto, teriyaki udon, and a bbq jackfruit burrito bowl.

Content director Lydia is a fan of the rainbow-bright dishes thanks to oven and microwave-friendly packaging is also recyclable. So you can eat vibrant vegan meals during lockdown without searching for off-piste ingredients in the supermarket. Win-win. 


Steak | Field and Flower

Meat box delivery services: from farm to door

Currently, beautiful fresh meat reared to high-welfare standards is really hard to get hold of, right?

Wrong. You just have to know where to look. 

As well as checking out the farmers networks we listed above, we recommend you also cast your eyes over the websites of some of our favourites:

Rosewood Farm

Primal Meats

Field & Flower

Phillip Warren

Peelham Farm

Black Welsh lamb

Eversfield Organic

Knepp Wild Range Meats

Paley Farm

…to name just a few.

Fish delivery services: from sea to door

From the sea to the city: fish delivery schemes are still operating around London and beyond.

Sole of Discretion is delivering nationwide as part of the Open Food Network. Soleshare delivers to London addresses at the moment. 

Both offer fish that are caught with as little damage to the marine environment as possible and that have contributed to the livelihood of small-scale fishers and their communities.

What’s not to love?


In times of a pandemic, the white stuff is especially hard to get hold of, this is true.

We would recommend aspiring bakers regularly check the Duchess Farms and Doves Farm websites.

Also, and the Real Bread Campaign seem to offer two fairly comprehensive lists of flour.

Care hampers for ones you love

Fat Macy’s trains aspiring chefs to serve up food with heart, helping young Londoners to make the transition from hostel to home.

Right now, businesses like this aren’t able to offer their catering services or host their supperclubs – missing out on key income and fundraising opportunities.

Fat Macy’s has getting round this by creating hampers and fruit and veg boxes to share the joy at this difficult time.  They’ve worked with fellow social enterprises to serve up fresh fruit or veg, pantry delights or even a cheeky G&T. 

London-wide deliveries run from a kitchen in North London but if you’re outside London, drop them an email and they will do their best to accommodate: 

Fat Macy’s

Know of any more or think you should be listed? Please let us know!