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Blonde Gone Rogue: What is it?

Blonde Gone Rogue is a brand which shouts FUN! 

A diverse collection of cool, creative and ethically conscious clothing, each of Blonde Gone Rogue’s designs are fabulously quirky and full of flair. We’re talking statement pieces such as tops, trousers, dresses and sweatshirts, all with a unique twist, and popping with playful colours and patterns.  

Unlike fast-fashion brands, Blonde Gone Rogue refuses to compromise the quality of their designs to achieve their aesthetically cool style and trendy clothing. Every item is carefully crafted to withstand the test of time, making purchasing a piece of their clothing feel like a personal investment.

Their clothing is designed to empower people to look and feel their most confident. Let’s just say that we wouldn’t be all that surprised if you receive a few outfit compliments or ‘where’s that from?’ questions (who doesn’t love these?) when wearing one of their showstoppers. 

Blonde Gone Rogue: How sustainable is it?

Since its inception in 2017, Blonde Gone Rogue has made it their mission to contribute to a fashion revolution, working towards an industry built on transparency, accountability and inclusivity. 

Responsible sourcing and the sustainability of their materials is a priority for their brand.

Roughly 80% of their materials are up-cycled leftover fabrics, known as ‘deadstock’. They give a second life to perfectly good, high-quality incomplete rolls of fabric, abandoned in factories or warehouses across Bulgaria and Italy. The rest of the fabrics are predominantly organic cotton and linen, up-cycled cotton, sometimes up-cycled polyester and the occasional cupro (vegan silk) thrown in. They are moving more towards plant-based materials such as organic cotton and linen in their collections.

Blonde Gone Rogue are resolute in their mission to counteract fast fashion’s ‘now or never’ selling tactics by refusing to burn or throw away items left from their previous collections. They say: “If it’s in our warehouse, it’ll be on our website and it’ll stay there until it sells out. This is our slow fashion.”

Their brand is centred around the principle that sustainable fashion shouldn’t be a luxury and strive to make their products affordable and accessible.

Transparency is also core to their business model. As an eco-fashion brand who are up against greenwashing, in 2019 they launched The Blonde Chain, which gives customers visibility of their production process. Importantly, they are also honest about their blindspots such as admitting they don’t know every detail about their who makes their materials, especially the ones they up-cycle.

Producing everything in the founders’ home town in Ruse, Bulgaria, they partner only with small factories that offer good, safe working conditions and pay their employees above the living wage.

This ethical and transparent supply chain proves that, of course, it is possible to treat employees fairly. To ensure their standards are being upheld, they visit their factory 3-4 times per year, both before and during production, allowing them to spend time with the production team.

Blonde Gone Rogue are certified by both B Corp and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), and are in the process of becoming certified by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Blonde Gone Rogue: Where can I buy it?

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