The Advent Calendar that keeps on giving: win prizes worth more than £2,500 with Fairtrade

Written in Collaboration with Fairtrade

Have you got your chocolate-filled Advent Calendar ready to go? Do you have the willpower to only open one door at a time? 

If the answer to either of the above is no, you need to bookmark this link, now.

Allow us to introduce the Fairtrade Advent Calendar, which offers a different prize for every day of Advent. The virtual doors are unlocked each day, so no willpower is required.

The Fairtrade Advent Calendar: Win a Fairphone 4

Fairphone Fairtrade advent calendar
Fairtrade Advent Calendar Prize: The Fairphone 4

Now, we can’t go ruining the element of surprise – but, we have got the inside track on a few sneak peeks.

How would you like a new high-performing smartphone with fairness at its core? One of the first prizes on offer is the new smart phone from Fairphone. Perfect for conscious consumers, the Fairphone 4 features 5G, a dual camera and easily repairable design along with a 5-year warranty.

Oh, and it also has Fairtrade gold in its supply chain and contains conflict-free and recycled materials. That’s because Fairphone are on a mission to create a fairer (the clue is in the name) and more sustainable electronics industry through innovative, eco-friendly design. 

The Fairtrade Advent Calendar: Win Fairtrade gold earrings

Harriet Kelsall Jewellery Fairtrade Advent Calendar
Fairtrade Advent Calendar Prize: Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery earrings

Also included are gold earrings by London-based, award-winning bespoke jewellers Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery. Harriet Kelsall is a pioneer of the ethical jewellery industry. They were one of the first jewellers to use Fairtrade Gold and dedicate themselves to sourcing their materials from as ethical a supply-chain as possible – which is no easy feat when it comes to jewellery.

The Fairtrade Advent Calendar: Win a year’s supply of chocolate

Fairtrade Advent Calendar Divine Chocolate
Fairtrade Advent Calendar: Divine Chocolate

Of course, it wouldn’t be an advent calendar without chocolate. How does a year’s supply of Divine Chocolate sound? Divine is the OG of Fairtrade chocolate brands and is actually co-owned by a co-operative of 100,000 farmers. These bars are also palm oil free and help to support social initiatives like gender equality and education.

The Fairtrade Advent Calendar: Win an organic tea bundle

Greenypeeps tea bags
Fairtrade Advent Calendar: Greenypeeps tea

Tea lovers can get their hands on an organic tea bundle from Greenypeeps, a carbon-negative tea brand working to have a positive impact on the environment and farming communities in Sri Lanka, one cuppa at a time. 

As well as sourcing and producing their products ethically, Greenypeeps donate 3% of their sales to help local farmers plant and care for rainforest trees in southern Sri Lanka. So, beyond the enjoyment of a good cuppa, the prize bundle comes with an additional five endangered trees planted in your honour. Talk about the power of a good cup of tea, ey? 

The Fairtrade Advent Calendar: Other prizes to look out for

Fairtrade Advent Calendar

There are 20 more days of advent and therefore 20 more chances to win amazing prizes including: ethical coffee; organic beauty; sustainable clothing; tasty treats; and 100% slave-free chocolate from… you guessed it!

But, it’s not just prizes on offer… 

Every day unlocks a feel-good story explaining the difference Fairtrade makes to 1.9 million farmers and workers across the world. 

Besa Kabeto, 25, a worker at Herburg roses and graduate of the Women’s School of Leadership (WSOL), which is part-financed by the Gender Empowerment Programme and supports women to complete business plans and diversify their incomes, said:

“I learnt a lot about gender equality and project management. I have also acquired skills around saving money from the training module. The training gave me inspiration to aspire for better income and life.”

Another farmer, Rosemary Achieng, who is a Senior Farm Supervisor in the production department of Panda Flowers – a Fairtrade certified flower farm in Kenya, also said: 

“[…] this farm gave me an opportunity to work, to provide for my family when I didn’t have anything to my name. Fairtrade made it possible for my son to get an education. [Fairtrade has] given hope to my family, for which I’m grateful.”

What is Fairtrade, exactly? 

You probably recognise the trademark FAIRTRADE Mark, but do you know what it means? 

Essentially, Fairtrade is a non-profit organisation helping to change the way trade works, negotiating fairer prices, deals, and working conditions for farmers and workers in low-income countries.

They are also big champions of other social causes, including sustainability, climate justice and (as we mentioned above) gender equality.

How does Fairtrade work?

Fairtrade means fairer pay and more power in the hands of farmers. Fairtrade sets a minimum price safety net that companies must pay farmers for their goods i.e. coffee, cocoa and tea – regardless of its market price. So, if the market price falls the farmers are somewhat protected. And if the price rises, they still have the potential to earn more.

The companies who buy on Fairtrade terms pay an additional Fairtrade Premium to the farmers, who work in co-ops, which is set as a percentage of the total amount they are buying. The co-ops then decide how to use this (i.e. install a water pump, invest in schools or maternity units).

Fairtrade believe the people who earned that Fairtrade Premium know best how to transform their community, so how they spend that money is their decision. This way, farmers can make decisions about what’s best for their farms – and their futures – themselves. But, a certain percentage (25% in coffee, for example) must be used to enhance productivity and quality of crops. The idea is this will help with resilience in the face of climate change.

Fairtrade Advent Calendar: How do you take part?

To get a taste of all that Fairtrade has to offer and be in with a chance to win one of 24 prizes, all you have to do is this: 

Knock on the door. Read the story. Answer the daily question and BAM! You’re entered into the prize draw. 

Fairtrade advent calendar

Insider hints and tips, days to look out for:

1: You’ll want to answer this one…!

8: Spin straw into…

20: A pot of gold is found at the bottom of…

24: Not too late to be given as a gift, but potentially too good to give away…

Find full competition T&Cs here.


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Francesca Carpani

Francesca Carpani

Francesca Carpani has a First-Class Joint Honours Degree in English and American Studies. Particular areas of interest are socio-political topics including feminism, racism, multiculturalism, immigration, and media representation. She cares strongly about creating a fairer, more sustainable world and is passionate about spreading positivity.


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