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Thanks for dropping by, we’re delighted to see you here. We’re always looking to work with brands that share our vision.

Our modest goal: changing the world

OK, so maybe it’s not a modest goal. But, it is a vital one. 

If you’re on this page, we’re guessing you’re already doing things better. You want to raise awareness about the issues in your industry most people have no clue about. You want your brand story to be told as proof things can be done differently. 

If we’ve guessed right, you’ve come to the right place.

That’s exactly why we created Live Frankly, our own version of disruption in an era of disinformation. People are bombarded with clickbait and fake news is spreading six times faster than news from trusted sources, according to The Social Dilemma

We are working to reframe the news agenda. People need information they can trust and want to read. More than this, they need the tools to be able to work out for themselves how to make informed decisions so they can live according to their values. This means presenting all sides of the story and not polarising society by pretending life is as simple as: good vs evil. 

All our articles are researched and written by experts and journalists with years of experience.

We got into journalism with the lofty goals of telling human stories and changing the world for the better. We created Live Frankly because we still believe we can do this. That story could be yours. 


If your work is disrupting the status quo of the industry you’re working in then you’re the reason Live Frankly exists. 

As journalists we are bombarded with news (and greenwashing) from bigger brands with bigger budgets who can pay to get into the mainstream press and set the news agenda. 

So, we decided to set up our own platform to help tell the stories of brands we believe in and use our networks to get you more coverage.

And we’ve done a lot of this, so far.

Along the way we’ve learnt a few things. Yes, we could put a profile of your brand on our site for free.

But, it would drive a whole lot more awareness if we worked together to create a series of content that helped our readers to understand what your brand is doing differently, why this is so important and why people should choose you over your competition.

We can even help you write content for your website, blog, newsletters and social media. 

You have solved a problem that most people aren’t aware of yet. 

Let us help you solve the problem of raising that awareness. That’s our area of expertise.


So, you’re working with a really great brand that has amazing values and you’re excited to tell us about them.

Amazing! We’re excited to listen. 

But let’s talk about what we can do to really benefit your client. We’re not here to parrot press releases or cover industry news. We’re here to tell compelling stories about worthwhile brands. 

We’ll drive so much more awareness if we work together to create a content series that helps our readers understand what your client is doing differently, why this is so important and why people should care.

It goes without saying all our work is thoroughly-researched and captivating to read. It will be SEO-optimised, too. We’ll even write in a way your client can repurpose to feature on their website and in their comms. 

PRs are including us in their budgets because we offer knowledge, credibility and value.

We are editorial and sustainability experts, and can consult with you on ideas and projects. We can put expert panels together and host them. And if we don’t think we can help, you can be sure we know someone who can. 

Let’s talk frankly. 

Live Frankly partnerships and sponsorships

Live Frankly is a growing platform so we’re open to experiment with what works for you. We have lots of ideas about how we can work together and would like to understand where we can add the biggest value to you and your brand.

We want to move away from the advertising model that relies on money from questionable brands.

Ultimately, we want our readers to have access to brilliant, honest content created with and for the brands we love. This model involves us working together.

Here’s a list of ideas to get those cogs turning, but we’d love to hear your thoughts, too:

  • Sponsored newsletters
  • Bespoke sponsored content
  • Website banner package
  • Featured promotions
  • Section sponsorship
  • Site sponsorship


Are you hosting an event you would like us to feature? Or can we help you get the right crowd there?

We love to chat and moderate, if you’re planning on having a panel…

Just let us know how we can support you.

Love our content? Love our style?

We also work with businesses (with good ethics at their core, have we made that clear enough yet?) to help build up their brands.

Want us to take a look at your website or website copy? Got some blogs or marketing materials that need writing? Need photography or design work? Would you simply like to go out for lunch or drinks to shoot the breeze? (Oh! those were the days!)

Get in touch and let’s have a (video) chat.


Soil Association

soil association organic logo

Lizzie’s knowledge of organic and sustainability is second-to-none and we’re looking forward to continuing to work with her at Live Frankly.

Clare McDermott, business development director
Soil Association


Fairtrade logo

We very much welcome the launch of Live Frankly, the new ethical lifestyle directory that holds human, animal and environmental welfare at the heart of their business model.

Martine Parry, senior media and PR manager


Lizzie and her team are great to work with; highly efficient, organised and ethical to the core. They understood our products very quickly an are a natural extension of our team.

Abi Weeds, director


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