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Amadeus: What is it?

Amadeus stands as a beacon of timeless charm in the world of sustainable jewellery, reworking classic designs and giving them a modern twist. Specialising in crafting elegant, demi-fine pieces, their creations are vintage inspired and handmade in their London studio. 

Founder and creative director, Nathalie Simond, infuses her designs with a wealth of global experiences, having lived in multicultural environments across the world and worked with top designers across major fashion capitals. 

They also offer a bespoke jewellery experience, where each piece is tailored to the client’s unique vision. This collaborative process ensures a truly one-of-a-kind piece. 

Nathalie emphasises: “I created Amadeus to democratise access to true craftsmanship, rich in know-how, by offering quality at an affordable price. The collection I offer is 100% handmade, both eclectic and ethnically inspired.” 

Amadeus’ best-sellers:

Amadeus Laura Mini-Hoop Pearl Earrings

Bubble Ring Pink Quartz


Amadeus Anna Snake Chain Necklace

Anna Snake Chain Necklace


Laura Mini-Hoop Pearl Earrings


Amadeus: How Sustainable is it?

Amadeus’ philosophy is “look good, feel good, and do good”, embodying the essence of conscious luxury. 

Nathalie’s mission is to end the cycle of ‘buy cheap, buy more’ and offer their customers  more conscious jewellery choices. 

They use all recycled gold and silver and are B Corp certified.

They purchase pre-loved stones second-hand and then cut these to size. This is because sourcing ethical stones is difficult, in part because there are no established bodies tracing gemstones from mine to market. For similar reasons, their sea pearls are also pre-loved and sourced from vintage accessories.

Simond is dedicated to an in-house production environment and says: “By manually producing all of our parts in our studio in London, we maintain full control over the entire process, from sourcing and production to setting and finishing”. 

Their packing is FSC®certified and with each order that is placed, they plant five trees with their partners, Tree Nation

At Amadeus, every artisan, including founder Nathalie Simond, is paid equally. They offer paid maternity, extra education training if required and also a percentage of the business profits to employees. This commitment reflects not just a dedication to fair pay but also a broader mission of creating ethical jewellery for women, by women.

Amadeus: Where Can I Buy it?

You can also purchase Amadeus jewellery at Selfridges, Wolf & badger, Generous Ape, Plain Tiger, Cerqular and Veo.

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