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eatTelfit: What is it?

eatTelfit is an online farm shop and artisan butchery that partners with a number of small mixed farms practising regenerative farming in and around Yorkshire. 

At eatTelfit, their farmers pride themselves on the quality and sustainability of the free-range meat they produce. Their meats, including free-range woodland turkeys, and grass fed lamb and beef, are prepared nose-to-tail by their artisan butchers and delivered nationwide to your door. For convenient meals, they also offer a Midweek Easy Meals Meat Box.

They believe that nature-friendly farming is key to landscape recovery across the country by minimising pesticide and synthetic fertiliser use, improving soil health, renewing woodlands, and utilising biodiversity to kick-start natural systems. The producers they work with all directly utilise this ancient method of farming and implement its techniques.

While their mission is to use their farm Telfit as a model to demonstrate how regenerative farming principles can be used to produce real, healthy food and restore our planet’s health, their 650-acre hill farm in the Yorkshire Dales is also available as a wedding venue. Set in the heart of their regenerative farm, Telfit offers a wonderful setting for those wanting to connect with the natural world on their big day.

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eatTelfit: How sustainable is it? 

The mission behind eatTelfit is to teach consumers about regenerative farming while providing an online market solution for producers using these practices. The goal is to help grow demand to encourage more supply. 

eatTelfit carefully select the farms they source from to ensure they meet high standards of animal rights, environmental sustainability and care for the land. 

Because regenerative farming is an approach that focuses on reawakening natural systems to produce food for us, eatTelfit’s farmers manage their farms with nature front of mind. For example, their farmers minimise and avoid the use of chemical fertilisers to help preserve soil, river, and human health. Instead, they opt for natural inputs like compost, seaweed, Bokashi (a method of composting that uses a specific blend of microorganisms to ferment organic waste and improve soil texture) and animal manure to improve soil fertility. 

The animal products they sell online come from slow grown native and traditional breeds. Their regenerative farming uses rotational grazing, which is a method that moves animals around to promote plant growth, increase diversity and prevent overgrazing. 

All the meat sold online is hand-prepared by eatTelfit’s skilled artisan butchers. They utilise traditional methods that are currently in decline, and preserving these skills is also central to their ethos.

eatTelfit value regenerative farming because Britain has lost over 50% of its biodiversity in the last 50 years. Modern industrial agriculture significantly contributes to this and to climate change. You can find out more about eatTelfit’s regenerative farming approach here.

eatTelfit: Where to buy?

You can shop their online store:

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