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Leisurely: What is it?

Leisurely helps you to discover the rest you deserve in a plant-based bed linen. They make bedding that’s beautiful, sustainable and exceptionally comfortable.

Their goal is to provide you with the comfiest, buttery soft sheets that will help you achieve ultimate rest and relaxation.

They work closely with bedding partners in Portugal to develop soft fabrics made from 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell, a fibre made from wood pulp that creates fabrics that are gorgeously soft to touch and that are kind to sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and breathable.

With a background in fashion production, founder Sophie wanted to create a different path from one of overconsumption and fast-paced hustle culture.

She began to notice the same conversation coming up: that modern life is too fast-paced. So, she decided to direct the wealth of innovation, skill and influence in the industry towards something more restorative.

Leisurely was born to explore the questions: How can we best support producers while having a much more positive impact on the planet? Can we deliver a product that the customer will truly love for a lifetime and feel the benefits of daily? Is it even possible to run a brand while rejecting traditional business models and pushy advertising tactics?

Their online store offers pillowcases, duvet sets and fitted sheets that allow customers to experience at-home luxury and get the rest needed to do the things that matter most.

Leisurely best-sellers:

White Complete Bedding Set with TENCEL™ Lyocell

from £135.00

Deep Teal Complete Bedding Set with TENCEL™ Lyocell

from £135.00

Blush Complete Bedding Set with TENCEL™ Lyocell

from £135.00

Leisurely: How sustainable is it? 

The Leisurely ethos is one of true sustainability. They understand that it can never just be about one isolated aspect, and that it runs through everything they do.

As such, in the production process, they consider how long their sheets will be used and create them to be passed down through generations. Their goal is to demonstrate that there’s no excuse for damaging our planet by producing unnecessary items quickly and cheaply. 

By producing on a small scale, Leisurely avoid excess stock. The production process is managed by their Oeko-Tex approved partner-factory in Portugal. It is a vertically-integrated, family-run business with 75 years of experience. They manage every step from weaving, dyeing, sewing, to quality checking and packaging.

For their TENCEL™, a closed-loop production process means all substances are reused, preventing dirty wastewater from polluting the environment. 

To ensure there is minimal waste, all off-cuts at the factory are made into new yarn, which is then used for new sheets and blankets.

As a start-up, Leisurely are doing their best to be as sustainable as possible, but they recognise there’s always more to do.

Current plans include:

  • Going circular: Introducing ways to recycle bed linen once it’s no longer fit for use.
  • Using regenerative fibres: Fibres that give back more to the environment than they take.
  • Measuring and reporting: Regularly reporting sustainability impacts with real data.
  • Pre-competitive collaboration: collaborating with other brands to help drive advance sustainability.

Leisurely have signed up to the CanopyStyle initiative to protect Ancient and Endangered Forests. You can find their policy here.

They also avoid using plastic wherever possible, and have chosen recycled card for all packaging materials. 

Leisurely: Where to buy?

You can shop their online store: https://www.getleisurely.com/store


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