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Leticia Credidio: What is it?

Leticia Credidio is a luxury sleepwear and loungewear brand made by an Italian-Japanese-Brazilian designer of the same name, who is based in super-trendy East London.

Credidio is heavily inspired by the natural world. Her Ocean collection is a homage to our beloved oceans and coral reefs. And elsewhere, her winter birds collection is bold and inspired by nature. Both can also be worn as loungewear as well as sleepwear – although they’re so comfortable you just might want to wear them all the time…

For Credidio, creating sleepwear “is about more than clothes. It’s about a lifestyle that allows people to stop, relax and be in the moment. I think that’s how we centre ourselves in a non-stop world.”

Leticia Credidio’s best-sellers:

Leticia Credidio Magpie Housecoat

Magpie Housecoat


Leticia Credidio Meditation Pillow

Meditation Pillow


Leticia Credidio Coral Reef Dresses

Coral Reef Dresses


Leticia Credidio: How sustainable is it?

All of Credidio’s garments are hand-crafted in Italy by a family-run atelier using organic (GOTS-certified) and sustainable fabrics.

Leticia Credidio’s Ocean collection is made with an innovative sustainable and certified seaweed fabric (SeaCell) produced and weaved in Germany. This unique fabric contains nutrients and has a healing effect, calming and moisturising our skin. Don’t mind if we do. And for extra plus points, all the packaging is made from discarded fabrics from a recycling centre in London.

Credidio has worked at the intersection of design and social change for more than 13 years. She’s worked as an art director for some of the world’s leading NGOs, like WWF, Greenpeace, Red Cross, CAMH, Unicef, NSPCC and RSPCA.

Credidio has experienced the negative health impacts of overwork and a lack of sleep herself. This is why she’s put her creative energy into establishing a sleepwear brand. She wants to champion taking the time to rest, to embrace comfort and slowness, and to be present in the now.

Leticia Credidio: Where can I buy it?

Credidio’s super luxurious items are mainly online-only, but keep your eyes peeled for regular pop ups.


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