Luminary Bakery, Hackney

Visit Luminary Bakery, Hackney


A non-profit social enterprise in Stoke Newington that aims to help disadvantaged women find work, but you might know it better for being Meghan Markle’s favourite bakery. The facts show that homeless women are at serious risk of sexual exploitation or getting caught up in crime; add to this that domestic violence is the single largest driver for homelessness in women; and throw in connected issues like mental health and substance abuse, and you’ve got a whole web of problems that add up to a crisis. Luminary Bakery is working to combat this crises by helping women find employment and become financially independent.


Cakes. And what cakes! Orange, cardamom and pistachio; classic carrot, with a gorgeous rosemary garnish; salted caramel and chocolate; sticky toffee, topped with ripe chunks of fig. These are more than cakes; they’re works of art. In fact, they’re almost beautiful enough to not eat. Almost.

You can pre-order and pick up at the Stoke Newington café, where you’ll also be able to scoff sourdough fresh from the oven, or indulgently moreish cheese toasties – not to mention the Insta-iconic cinnamon buns, washed down with coffee from New Ground roastery.


We can’t speak for the sourcing, but Luminary Bakery’s social purpose is an undeniably important mission. The bakery and cafe is a safe space for women to follow a path to employability and entrepreneurship through courses, work experience and paid employment. And the impact? According the Luminary’s 2019 Impact Assessment, it’s supported 66 women, given 233 days of training, helped 25 women into work and helped 10 open their own business. And according to a survey of the women who have gone through Luminary’s training programmes, 52% have reported being better at managing money, 83% reported an increase in self esteem and 62% reported an improvement in mental health. Not bad going for ‘just’ some pretty cakes.

Two London locations

Visit Luminary Bakery, Hackney


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