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Lyonsleaf: What is it?

Lyonsleaf’s mission is to provide a skincare product that is designed for the entire family and suitable for all skin types – especially super-sensitive skin. 

Originally working in food and herbs, co-founder Vicky Lyons’ passion for natural living merged with a desire to create skincare products that spoke to the soul.

When Vicky, dealing with sensitive skin, found comfort in their homemade calendula moisturiser over harsh steroid creams, it sparked a natural skincare revolution.

Her revelation? Going water-free, ensuring their products are 100% natural.

This philosophy, which they call The Republic of Natural Skincare, guides Lyonsleaf, crafting their blends with homegrown herbs, nourishing plant oils, organic beeswax, minerals, and… nothing else!

Lyonsleaf best-sellers:

Zinc and Calendula Cream


Lyonsleaf Mum & Baby

Mum and Baby Skincare Survival Kit


Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm

Natural Beauty Balm


Lyonsleaf: How Sustainable is it?

From field to face, Lyonsleaf are committed to affordability and a minimal environmental footprint. 


Lyonsleaf’s water-free formulations are a key feature of their products. They maintain this not only  enhances the effectiveness of their products, but is a winning approach for super sensitive skin. Importantly, it leaves the need for artificial ingredients at the door. 

Organic and UK-grown ingredients

You can explore a detailed list of every ingredient used in Lyonsleaf products on their website, reflecting the founders’ commitment to quality. Their guiding principle is: “If it’s not good for your skin, it doesn’t go in.” Lyonsleaf source as many ingredients as possible through UK suppliers.

Made-in house

They meticulously hand make all products in-house at Lyonsleaf’s Somerset studio, except for their soap, which is crafted using their ingredients by a Scottish soap maker, Lomond Soap.

They say: “At Lyonsleaf we have total control over the quality and storage of our homegrown herbs and are meticulous about any ingredients we outsource. We only use trusted suppliers including local growers in Somerset to ensure the ingredients used are exceptional quality. Our products are simple recipes, made with complicated (and very clever) ingredients”.

Minimal plastic

Lyonsleaf aim for minimal plastic use. The only plastic you will find is their labels, which are currently the only option due due to the nature of their oil-based products.

For their packaging, they use recyclable glass jars with aluminum lids and packaging materials such as recycled cardboard boxes, eco-jiffy envelopes, compostable cornstarch packing chips, or recycled packing paper for larger orders.


Lyonsleaf is proud to be a cruelty-free brand, ensuring none of their products are tested on animals.

They choose organic beeswax over vegetable wax, because they believe this supports biodiversity. They only work with certified organic suppliers to reduce negative impacts of bee farming.

Work-life balance

Lyonsleaf employs six dedicated workers, all paid above a living wage. The team is primarily composed of parents, including many mothers. So, its main operations period is during school term time, ensuring a healthy work-life balance. Their employment benefits include statutory rights, reflecting Lyonsleaf’s commitment to a supportive and family-friendly work environment.

Charity Partnerships

Lyonsleaf partner with the International Topical Steroid Awareness Network.

They also partner with The Rainforest Trust and a percentage of their earnings go to the British Red Cross and Macmillan Cancer Charity.

Lyonsleaf: Where Can I Buy it?

They can also be found in independent businesses across the UK and are available with larger retailers such as Amazon.

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