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Re Cabins: what is it?

Rooted in the belief that everyone deserves a break from the chaos of city life, Re Cabins aims to offer immersive staycations focused on wellness, intimacy, and off-grid convenience within easy reach of the UK’s busiest cities.

They have launched their first cabin, available for booking in St. Albans, just outside of London, with plans to expand soon.

Founders Monica Innes and Luke Jones, who run a sustainable interior design studio in London, sought an escape that connected them with nature, themselves, and their creativity without having to step into an airport. The idea for Re Cabins was born, to help others reconnect with neglected aspects of their lives. 

The St Albans cabin is situated on over eight acres of private, undisturbed meadow. It features an outdoor bath hand-built by Monica and Luke, inspired by the Japanese Onsen Style. This deep bath fits two to three people and doubles as a cold plunge in the summer, allowing you to switch between hot and cold water therapy.


Inside the cabin, you’ll find a selection of teas, coffee beans, salt, pepper, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. The kitchen is equipped with a two-ring gas hob and all the necessary cooking equipment. Heating is provided by a log-fired stove, with a pizza oven compartment for a cosy pizza night. Outdoors, there’s a fire pit with a cooking grill.

The bathroom includes a sink, shower and waterless toilet. The cabin sleeps two adults, with bookings for those over 18 only. 

Monica and Luke explain that the design intentionally blends city and country life: off-grid, convenient, comfortable and sleek.

They say: “We’re encouraging people to rethink cabins – not as densely packed park units or basic camping huts, but as private, spacious retreats where you can truly enjoy the land in a luxurious, meaningful way.”

Re Cabins is evolving towards becoming a wellness community, with wellness retreats set to launch later this year.

Stay at Re Cabins:

Please note: Prices may vary during peak seasons.
Use code LIVEFRANKLY15 for 15% off your stay.

One night stays from £190

Two night stays from £380

Three night stays from £500

Re Cabins: How sustainable is it? 

Re Cabins is designed to give people meaningful mental health breaks in nature without leaving a negative carbon footprint. The cabin is off-grid, except for a water supply shared with grazing horses. It is powered by solar power and there’s no Wi-Fi (but there is a strong mobile signal in and around the cabin for those still weaning themselves off connectivity!).

The Cabin is located on a re-wilded meadow to encourage biodiversity. Founders Monica and Luke have planted wildflowers, herbs, and trees to support this goal.

By partnering with farmers and private landowners, Re Cabins aims to grant public access to nature traditionally off-limits while helping to sustain farm businesses. They believe that this support is crucial during a time of subsidy withdrawals and crop shortages.


Monica and Luke say: “We encourage people to staycation in the UK and support rural communities with their custom. We encourage people to learn about the flora and fauna around them and educate themselves on the sustainability and the eco-conscious choice that they’ve made by coming to our cabins.”

In this spirit, they provide local area guides that highlight all the best local places to eat, drink and visit. 

The cabin is easily accessible via public transport, so there’s no need to drive or hire a car unnecessarily. The nearest train stations are St Albans City, Harpenden and Welwyn Garden City, and it’s an easy 6.6km cycle from St Albans City station.

Re Cabins partners with various communities, including a POC Women’s Founder group, to support their business journeys with wellness offerings and events.

Watch this space for the launch of community events such as tree-planting, wildflower and herb planting and litter picking both locally and in London, where the Re Cabins community is largely based.

Re Cabins: Where to book?

You can book directly on their website: 

Exclusive offer for Live Frankly readers: use code LIVEFRANKLY15 for 15% off your stay.

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