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Silly Greens: What is it?

Do you enjoy cooking, appreciate the goodness of fresh ingredients and promise yourself that one day you will cultivate your own veg garden? Well, that day is here.  

Silly Greens is a genius new idea that makes it easier than ever to start growing fresh, home-grown herbs and veggies. 

Their premise is pretty simple: they sow, you grow! 

The Silly Greens  “grow it yourself” subscription box arrives through your letterbox as often (each week) or as infrequently (every six weeks) as you like. Each one contains three microgreens.

What are microgreens, you ask? (We did too.)

Microgreens is the snazzy term for all the seedlings of herbs and veg – from coriander to wasabi – that add that final touch, and punch of flavour, to your dishes. 

Silly Greens pre-sow the box of microgreens on their farm and then post the live seeds directly to you, so they are good to grow (get it?) straight from the box. 

Founder Ed Hall explains: 

“We exist to get people into growing food, to spread food production out from the fields and into the homes. We think there’s some collective good or action that can come from a pool of home growers.”

These little leaves just need a window (for natural light) and some water, and they’ll grow happily in your kitchen, on standby for whenever you fancy a fresh garnish. 

Saying hello to Silly Greens means saying goodbye to soggy leaves and bland greens. 

Silly Greens: How sustainable is it?

As a fairly new company, Silly Greens’ supply chain and production methods are still under review.

Currently, roughly 50% of the seeds they source are organic. The seeds are then planted on their farm in Sussex, where they are sown in a natural seaweed Agar jelly. Depending on the seed, seeds made be washed in Hydrogen Peroxide to prevent mould (commonly used in seed germination), an organic seaweed-based fertiliser may be used, or activated charcoal might be added to inhibit mould and protect roots.

Brilliantly, the packaging doubles up as the grow tray. The cardboard is FSC-certified kraft board. Currently, they use a RPET1 plastic tray (30% virgin, as a requirement for food safety). The liner is compostable and recyclable. 

Silly Greens: Where can I buy it?

Online via their website: 

(You might also spot them on Not On The High Street).

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