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Silverstick: What is it?

Silverstick is an outdoor clothing brand that embodies the spirit of adventure. 

Two explorers, Harry Green and Sam Varney, founded the Silverstick brand in 2010. They say: 

“The Silverstick represents the roving spirit of adventure, urging us to spread our wings. We’re outdoor people making sustainable clothes purpose-built for the natural habitats we love to play in.”

Their range of contemporary athleisurewear for men and women includes staple hoodies and relaxed joggers, graphic tees and light polo shirts. Available in a variety of colours and featuring creative artwork, their designs are stylish, durable and comfortable – and they’re fairly-priced, too. 

The high quality of Silverstick garments is a product of the materials they use. Every aspect of their clothing is designed to thrive in the wild. They predominantly use certified organic Aegean cotton for their clothes. This is considered the highest quality organic cotton in the world because of its long fibres, which make it an especially strong and soft material. 

For their outdoor accessories, which includes hats, socks and scarves, they also use natural wools such as merino and alpaca. 

Their clothing is not only gentler on the environment, it’s softer on your skin, too. 

Silverstick’s best-sellers:

Organic Cotton Sweat


Organic Cotton


Hawfinch bobble hat

Unisex Matt Sewell Bobble Hat


Silverstick: How sustainable is it?

Sustainability and ethical production is central to the Silverstick brand. 

They produce their clothing in Turkey in a factory that reflects Silverstick’s high ethical and sustainable standards. Global Textile Organic Standard (GOTS) and the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) independently inspected and certified the factories, annually.

The factory employs 60 workers and has strict social policies on health and safety as identified by international labour conventions. Their employees are entitled to maternity pay and healthcare.

Silverstick also produces outdoor accessories from sustainable fabrics in Britain. 

Their UK factory suppliers comply with British Laws. This includes paying employees with living wage or above, providing paid maternity leave and sick leave and paid holiday. Silverstick regularly visits their sock and hat factories here in the UK. 

Sam says:

“It has been an incredible experience working with our factories here in Britain. One of them was founded over a hundred years ago and now has third and fourth generations of the same family now running it. It is a privilege to be able to draw on their textile heritage and continue to support their high quality craftsmanship.”

Their materials include GOTS certified and GMO Free organic cotton. This grows close to their factory in South West Turkey, reducing transportation miles. They also source muesling-free merino and British Wool yarns from a UK yarn supplier. 

Silverstick uses low-impact dyes. The dyes avoid harmful substances such as heavy metals, ammonia treatment, azo dyes, bleaches, chlorine, phthalates and formaldehyde. Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Oeko-Tex certify both their dyes and dye houses to be non-toxic. 

For their packaging, they use recyclable brown paper mailer bags and recyclable cardboard swing tags. 

They ship all garments by road and sea. 

As part of their collaboration collection with artist Matt Sewell, Silverstick give 10% of sales to Wildcard, a grassroots environmental initiative that focuses on rewilding Britain.

Silverstick: Where can I buy it?

Shop their website: 

Also available online on Brothers We Stand, Ethical Superstore, Natural Collection, Not On The High Street, Wildside Sports, Project Cece, Fat Buddha.

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