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SOiL Organics: What is it? 

SOiL have been cultivating and distilling aromatic plants at Windermere Farm in Zululand, South Africa since 2001. 

Extracted from plants, essential oils have stood the test of time. From ancient civilisations to the modern day, the pure fragrances of essential oils continue to be used to promote a sense of wellbeing. In burners or diffusers, added to baths or as a part of massage, essential oils are used to reduce stress and harmonise, centre, calm or energise our minds.

The quality of essential oils is affected by many factors including, but not limited to, altitude, soil type and climate. 

SOiL proudly led the way as the first company in South Africa to introduce a complete range of 100% certified organic essential oils directly from their own farm. They undertook two years of extensive trials to establish which plants, when grown in their soils, would yield a high-quality oil.

They say: “By knowing the exact source of our oils, we can be confident that they are 100% pure, certified organic and unadulterated.” 

As leaders in the field, SOiL upholds organic aromatherapy standards, providing customers with consistently pure, natural, and responsibly sourced products.

Additionally, they pioneered South Africa’s first line of certified organic massage oil blends and carrier oils

You can search for the best essential oils for you by ailment or by ingredient.

SOiL Organics best-sellers:

Lavender Organic Essential Oil


Cinnamon Leaf Organic Essential Oil


Sweet Orange Organic Essential Oil


SOiL Organics: How Sustainable is it?

SOiL demonstrates its dedication to sustainability through a commitment to organic farming, ethical sourcing, and environmental responsibility throughout its operations.

SOiL holds both organic and Fair for Life certifications.

In order for a farm to be certified organic, it must have been free from chemical fertilisers and poisons for at least three years. They say: “We are fortunate that the fields where our oils are grown have been free from chemicals for much longer than that!”

SOiL built its own nursery to ensure they have the best quality organic seedlings for their fields.  Each plant is hand-planted and tended. And each hectare of field requires tens of thousands of plants.

They maintain this type of labour-intensive agriculture is just what is needed in rural Zululand where unemployment persists and that all 22 members of the SOiL team are paid a living wage. 

They also manage the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of all their products directly from their farm, which they say encourages local economic growth and creates employment.

Where required, SOiL also sources oils from other, select and certified organic farmers. Each year, their suppliers undergo audits conducted by certification representatives to uphold these standards. 

SOiL package their oils in amber glass bottles to protect them from UV light, which can degrade the oils. They use plastic lids for 99% of their products, all of which are recyclable. To minimise waste, they have transitioned from bubble wrap to brown paper for box filling and replaced plastic packing tape with paper gum tape.

They actively support Beauty Without Cruelty and the South African Vegan Society, advocating for ethical living and animal rights.

SOiL Organics: Where to buy?

You can shop their online store: SOiL Organics

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