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The Revivas: What is it? 

The Revivas is a curated online shopping destination that’s on a mission to make sustainable fashion joyful and effortless. 

It was founded by two females, Fulya Tuncer and Merve Kitapci, who believe that sustainable fashion should be accessible, without compromising on quality or style. 

As well as being a platform that helps conscious shoppers to make responsible fashion choices with brands that they can trust, The Revivas exists to help sustainable brands grow.

They say: “Developing a more sustainable shopping habit starts by feeling good about who made your clothes. That’s why every single product we sell is certified ethically made, with independent accreditations confirming that workers are receiving a fair wage and good working conditions.” 

The Revivas select fashion items from more than 40 brands. They have unique looks for every occasion, including springtime staples like this Bianca Midi Dress In Rani Pink by Dilli Grey, this White Fringe Maxi Dress by Labeca London, and this colourful Organic Cotton & Linen Green Clouds Jumpsuit by Wild Clouds. 

As such, The Revivas offers a shopping experience that celebrates sustainability, style, and social responsibility.

The Revivas best-sellers:

Sardinia Navy Linen Dress


Green Clouds Jumpsuit


Bianca Midi Dress In Rani Pink


The Revivas: How Sustainable is it?

The United Nations defines sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. The Revivas founders say:  “This is our North Star, guiding every business decision we make and informing every brand partnership that we undertake.”

What does this look like in reality? Well, before being featured on The Revivas each brand is asked for third party certification and to participate in a mandatory sustainability survey. 

Co-Founder, Merve says: “We don’t believe in good intentions, just hard-facts and truthful claims backed by evidence.” 

They evaluate each brand according to 10 Sustainability Values, across three fashion pillars: People Conscious, Planet Conscious and Animal Conscious. 

Importantly, they maintain that truly sustainable fashion cannot focus just on environmental impacts; it must meet the needs of garment workers. 

As such, their mandatory criteria are that products must be ethically made. This means workers are paid at least minimum wage, and they are working in safe and healthy conditions, and that Tier 1 suppliers are verified by officially recognised accreditations. 

The Revivas also revere craftsmanship and have an affinity for brands that keep time-honoured craftsmanship alive through their product techniques. Brands whose collections are made using traditional local techniques, or are made in a studio or collective of fewer than ten people, are recognised for their artisanal value.

The Revivas prioritises sustainability through consideration of materials, seeking out brands that utilise low-impact fibres and manufacturing processes. They champion organic materials like cotton, hemp, and silk, and seek out certifications from recognised bodies like the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS). 

They also feature items made from Tencel®, deadstock fabrics, and recycled materials as long as they have the relevant certifications. Cruelty-free wool and cashmere also feature.

The Revivas: Where to buy?

You can shop their online store: The Revivas

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