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Wylde Market: What is it?

Wylde is an online farmers’ market where you can shop directly from producers without having to get out of bed! And everything gets delivered in one convenient box.

The Wylde Market opens online each weekend and closes at 2pm GMT on Wednesdays. And, like your favourite local farmers’ market, it’s best to get there early.  

Each week, fishermen, farmers, hunters, foragers, and artisans upload what they’ve caught, grown and made. Crucially, they set the prices of the products they sell on Wylde.  

You can shop Meat & Poultry, Fish & Shellfish, Fruit, Veg & Fungi, Larder, Breakfast, and Everyday Essentials. Everything will arrive straight to your door on a Friday. 

As part of Wylde’s business model, they don’t stock food themselves. The only food they deliver is what you purchase online, which means minimal, or no, food waste. 

Wylde offers the best of multiple worlds – the convenience of online shopping, the best of fresh and locally-sourced products, and the opportunity to directly support the hard-working and sustainable producers. 

They won’t always have everything you intended to order. They proudly stand by this and say: “We’re not a supermarket. That’s because what our producers bring to the market is by definition highly seasonal and weather dependent.”

What they will have are delicious options you had never even considered before opening up your browser. Wylde truly is the perfect balance of modern convenience and the charm of a traditional market experience. 

Where to shop Wylde Market:

The Larder

Wylde Market: How sustainable is it?

In a world where convenience often comes at the expense of sustainability, Wylde Market stands out as a refreshing alternative. 

They champion their producers by trusting them to set their own prices and sell what nature makes available. Wylde explain: “Producers often tell us that they consider themselves to be stewards of the land or sea. If they don’t look after it, then who will?”

Wylde’s beef is from producers like Rachael and Jonny on the Horton House Farm on the Wiltshire Somerset border. Certified by both Pasture for Life and Organic standards, their beef comes from an array of breeds. Rachael and Jonny employ a farming approach known as holistic planned grazing. This method involves carefully managing where and when the animals graze to promote the health of both the land and the animals.

The pork they sell comes from farms like Eastleach Downs Organic Farm, where their pigs, primarily the Saddleback breed, roam freely outdoors throughout the year. They hold certifications from the Soil Association and accreditation from RSPCA Freedom Foods

Their lamb products are from farmers like Mary and Peter in Kingsbridge, where the sheep are slow grown and reared in line with organic standards. 

Fish comes from long-established fishermen such as Marc and Jim, whose family have been fishing what is now the super-sustainable Lyme Bay Marine Reserve for centuries. All the fish is caught from small day boats with some fishermen employing traditional methods like Ike Jime and Shinkei Jime – Japanese techniques of dispatching fish, which cause minimal trauma and result in superior quality. The ‘Ike Jime’ swiftly renders the fish insensitive to pain, and ‘Shinkei Jime’ further enhances the quality of the flesh. These methods are labour-intensive, and that is reflected in the price, but many agree that the premium is justified for the ethical standards and the exceptional quality.

Wylde Market’s vegetables and fruits are just as carefully selected, coming from organic and biodynamic farms like Stein’s in Forest Row.

However many producers you order from, all produce is packaged into one convenient box and sent directly to you – in recyclable packaging, naturally. The box itself is made of cardboard and can be recycled curbside after use. To keep your products fresh during transit, they use ice packs with biodegradable gels. These gels can be disposed of responsibly by either draining them or using them to enrich your soil and then recycling the plastic.

Wylde Market: Where can I buy it?

Wylde Market

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