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Weirdstock: What is it?

Weirdstock’s bold designs fuse sustainability and a whole lotta soul. This small London-based homeware brand specialises in organic cotton bedding with retro-inspired prints. Each product is thoughtfully designed to be fun and inject joy into your home. Their sheets are 100% organic cotton, ethically sourced, and offer that luxurious ‘hotel-feel’, allowing you to have a positively groovy bedroom without compromising on quality. 

Founder and director, Johanna Haughey-Lewis, has been collecting vintage items and decorating her home eclectically for years, driven by her love of unique and colourful items. She grew tired of having to choose between sustainable or colourful, luxury or maximalist, so she decided to create a brand that combines the best of all worlds. 

Johanna says: “I love vintage textiles. The patterns, the colours – but unfortunately, not always the fabric! It was common in the ’60s and ’70s for homeware or clothing to be made from synthetic fibres. Even for driven vintage hunters, it’s near impossible to get your hands on mid-century linens in mint condition or 100% cotton, and matching sets are like gold dust! I wanted to make a range that bridges the gap between vintage style and modern quality.”

As such, Weirdstock specialises in 100% organic cotton bedding with a bold, retro aesthetic and super soft, silky quality. You can shop for everything from duvet covers to pillowcases, and even scrunchies and sleep masks, which are made from excess fabric that would otherwise end up on the factory floor. 

Weirdstock will transform your sleep space. More than this, you can sleep soundly knowing they put people and the planet at the heart of everything they do.

Weirdstock best-sellers:

Dragstrip Disco Checkerboard Pillowcases


Sunset Suite
Duvet Cover


Young Hearts Ruffle Cushion in Groove Inn


Weirdstock: How sustainable is it? 

Weirdstock’s goal is to produce beautiful, quality products that have a positive impact on people and a minimal impact on the planet. 

Weirdstock manufactures in small batches, doing their best to ensure that nothing is wasted, and every item finds a home before producing more. 

They use 100% GOTS certified organic cotton in their bedding. GOTS certification ensures ecological and social responsibility for the cotton used. Water treatment and waste management are also important aspects of GOTS. 95% of the water used in producing organic cotton fibre is green water, meaning it comes from rainwater and water already in the soil. The wastewater from the cotton is free from toxins, thereby protecting our natural waterways. 

Many Weirdstock products are also plastic-free, right down to the buttons used on their duvet covers, made from coconut shells, and extending to the shipping materials they use. The only plastic that is used is in their deadstock faux-fur in the Ventura shag pile range, which is recycled fabric rescued from the Italian luxury fashion industry. 

They exclusively use Oeko-Tex certified dyes in their prints. This means their products are free from toxins like azo dyes, phthalates and ammonia, making their bedding healthier for both you and the environment. 

When creating Weirdstock, Johanna wanted to ensure that it was a kind company that takes care of people and the planet.  As such, she worked with an ethical supply chain consultant to ensure she chose a factory with the right certifications and that paid a living wage. They have a great relationship with their suppliers in India, which Johanna has visited in person.

Weirdstock’s duvet sets and sheets are packaged in little cotton bags made from factory scraps, rather than wasteful plastic packets. You can use these bags for washing your delicates or even as cute storage solutions to hang on the back of your bedroom door. 

Weirdstock: Where to buy?

You can shop their online store:

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