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Good Energy: What is it?

Good Energy is a 100% renewable energy company. It was founded by Juliet Davenport in 1999, when neither renewables or female CEOs were common in the energy sector.

Fortunately, things have changed a lot since then – in terms of energy, at least. 

In 1999 renewable energy made up a paltry 2% of the UK’s energy mix. Now, renewable energy makes up almost 40% of the UK’s fuel mix, with the very real possibility of increasing this to 80% within the next decade.

The same can’t quite be said for female empowerment in the energy sector. In 2020 only 13% of executive board seats in the energy sector were held by women.

Good Energy’s ethos is: “We are more powerful together.”

Davenport says: “No one owns the wind, the sun and the rain, so let’s share it.”

As such, as well as being a 100% renewable energy provider they work to give you the ability to own your own power, not just buy theirs. 

Good Energy: How sustainable is it?

Good Energy regularly tops the lists of the best renewable energy suppliers in the UK by the likes of Which? and Ethical Consumer. 

They are a genuinely 100% renewable energy company. You can read more about the big eco energy scandal, here

When it comes to electricity this means matching the power customers use with electricity generated from sun, wind and water in the UK (the shorter the distance electricity has to travel, the lower carbon it is). 

As far as gas is concerned, 10% is generated by biogas. This represents the maximum percentage of the UK’s gas demand that can be met by sustainable, UK produced biogas.

While we increase biogas capacity in the UK, Good Energy offset the carbon released from the rest of the gas we use in ours homes. They do this very carefully, funding projects such as installing biogas digesters in rural India, where more than 1,000 women and children die every day from exposure to smoke produced by household cooking with solid fuel. You can read more about this and their other offsetting projects here.

As well as Good Energy’s product being zero carbon, they try to make sure that the company itself is also as low carbon as possible. 

They incentivise good – or low carbon – behaviour among their employees. For example, they have the green travel allowance that means if employees cycle to work rather than drive they receive an extra £1,000 on their base salary.  

They are also inspiring the future generation by appointing six students between the ages of 12 and 18 to join their Good Future Board of shadow directors. The goal being to be truly future facing and generate ideas “from the perspective only someone who has their whole future ahead of them can have”.

We are proud that Good Energy are sponsors of Live Frankly, you can read all about our collaboration, here.

Good Energy: Where can I buy it?

Good Energy is the new Live Frankly sponsor. As part of this, if Live Frankly readers choose to switch to Good Energy they can get £50 credit on their energy account. 

Switching is easy, simply:

Visit Good Energy or call 0800 254 0004 to get your quote

Use referral code LIVE FRANKLY when you sign up 

Good Energy will also donate £50 to Live Frankly when your switch is complete, specifically to fund opportunities that enable fairer access and a wider diversity of voices in journalism/content creation.

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