We’re excited to announce Good Energy’s sponsorship of Live Frankly.

Live Frankly was launched in April last year, with the goal of cutting through all the sustainability noise, to call out greenwashing and to champion the brands that are genuinely doing good work.

Good Energy, a genuinely 100% renewable electricity company (read about the UK’s Eco Energy Scandal), is exactly the type of sponsor we’ve been looking to collaborate with.

This is because they have been doing great work since 1999 to transform the energy industry (helping to increase the UK’s renewable energy mix from 2% to 38% in that time); they have good ethics at the core of their business model, and they also speak out against greenwashing in energy.

Why Live Frankly needs sponsors

It’s completely free for our readers to use Live Frankly. We also list brands for free. And we want to keep it this way.

We believe passionately in the work we do as well as the importance of maintaining our independence and integrity. 

For this reason, we decided from the outset that we didn’t want to be funded by advertising.

But, it takes a lot of time, energy and resources to create Live Frankly. So, to grow and have maximum impact we decided we would collaborate with the brands we love anyway.

Does this also potentially make us more biased? Well, we’re already unapologetically biased towards the brands we feature. No-one is perfect, but the baseline for us is does your company do more harm or good in this world? 

If we have enough faith in a company enough to endorse them on Live Frankly, it makes sense to work with them. It’s like the circular economy. Kind of. 

Brands we have collaborated with so far include Patagonia, Fairtrade, The Organic Trade Board, Organico, Birdsong, Gung Ho, Vildnis, Valentina Karellas, Leticia Credidio

Why we chose Good Energy as our first site sponsor

Good Energy is the first and only brand we’ve approached about site sponsorship, to date. It has taken almost a year to get to this point and we were patient because it’s important to us to be sponsored by a company with whom we share so many values. 

Good Energy’s ethos is: “We are more powerful together.”

Founder Juliet Davenport says: “No one owns the wind, the sun and the rain, so let’s share it.”

As well as being a 100% renewable energy provider they work to give you the ability to own your own power, not just buy theirs.

Why Good Energy chose to sponsor Live Frankly

Because we’re brilliant, of course. 

But seriously, we thought this answer should come from them not us. So, the team at Good Energy says:

“Live Frankly is a valuable sustainability guide with a strong commitment to open and honest advice. There is a lot of conflicting information out there and we fully support their mission to shine a light on good practice.”

Switch to Good Energy and get credit* 

*(actual money as well as kudos for doing a good thing)

As part of the sponsorship, if Live Frankly readers choose to switch to Good Energy they can get £50 credit on their energy account. 

Switching is easy, simply:

Visit Good Energy or call 0800 254 0004 to get your quote

Use referral code LIVE FRANKLY when you sign up 

Good Energy will also donate £50 to Live Frankly when your switch is complete, specifically to fund opportunities that enable fairer access and a wider diversity of voices in journalism/content creation.

So, in a nutshell.

Good Energy – Good for you. Good for us. Good for the planet. Good for everyone. 

(Surprisingly, they haven’t asked us to come up with their straplines yet, but with ideas like this we sense it’s only a matter of time).

Main image: Small scale energy generation – Taff Bargoed hydro