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Organico: What is it?

The foundations of so many delicious, wholesome and nutritious meals are pasta, rice and tin tomatoes. Organico know this, so find the farmers who are laser-focused on making the best staple ingredients.

Often, these passionate farmers, local co-operatives and family businesses take control of the whole process, turning the seed in the field into the product you cook with. It’s this grower-maker philosophy that makes Organico products different. It’s a given that the products all are organic. It’s the attention to detail that makes them special.

Organico pasta

Organico pasta is made with hard durum wheat and pure spring water, by a co-operative near the walled city of Urbino. The founder’s vision was to reinvigorate the countryside by bringing purpose and community back to his birthplace.

Organico blackwholegrain rice

The award-winning blackwholegrain rice was once known as “Forbidden Rice”. It is prized for its fragrant aroma and texture and at one-time was reserved exclusively for the Chinese emperor, now it is also available to us mere mortals.

Organico olive oil

Organico offers a selection of olive oils. They source a them from across southern France and Spain, from a range of family-owned private mills to middle-sized co-operatives.

Organico: How sustainable is it?

Organico visit each of their producers in person, ensuring provenance and good food values: they buy on story and quality, never on price.

As a business they believe in the circular economy, so to speak. Everything, from their office supplies, banking, to electricity contracts are sourced from other ethical suppliers.

They also support NGOs such as the Environmental Justice Foundation.

Their carbon policy is “better than net zero”, founded on science-based targets and audited by a third party specialist. This includes, but is not limited to: no air miles for the products they buy and sell; accounting for Scope 1, 2 and 3 cradle-to-gate emissions; carefully selected offsetting (and sometimes double offsetting) their organisational footprint.

They are an accredited Living Wage employer; the maximum spread or income ratio between the highest and lowest paid wage in our company will never exceed 10. They also ensure their suppliers pay the minimum/a living wage to their employees.

Organico is a sister-company to Fish4Ever, which very possibly sells the UK’s most sustainable tuna. In a fascinating article penned exclusively for Live Frankly, founder Charles Redfern argues: “I know there’s another solution to the “don’t eat fish” message of Seaspiracy and that is to “eat well-fished fish.”

Organico: Where can I buy it?

You can buy directly from Organico Real Foods and they will deliver straight to your door.

Also, look out for Organico at Ocado, Abel & Cole, Ethical Superstore, Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Better Foods, Amazon and all good independents.

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