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HFV Parkland & Wild: What is it?

HFV Parkland & Wild (HFV) offers award-winning, prime quality, sustainable venison. 

Low in fat and high in protein, Venison is said to be one of the healthiest meats available – it’s a complete source of protein as well as being high in B vitamins, Haem iron and zinc.

Venison is also extremely versatile and easy to cook. HFV’s range includes steaks, burgers, sausages and loins. They even offer a venison wellington, so you are guaranteed a showstopper for a dinner party, date night or Sunday lunch.

All deer spend year-long outside feeding on grass and the species rich countryside, which feeds into the quality of this meat. Both their farmed and wild venison offer similar nutritional qualities but, when it comes to flavour, wild venison has a more intense ‘gamey’ taste. 

They say: “We ensure all our animals used are of the highest quality thus ensuring that all of our meat both farmed and wild is not only tender but full of flavour.” 

HFV Parkland & Wild: How sustainable is it?

Making the most of the UK’s resource of native wild deer, 90% of the animals offered by HFV are wild and parkland reared deer from the UK. The other 10% is farmed. 

HFV’s British venison is sourced from mainly Fallow and Red Deer, but many types of deer are available seasonally, enabling consumers to taste the variety the UK has to offer. All venison is fully traceable and sustainably sourced from a network of UK-based game dealers, parks, and estates from Cornwall to the North of Scotland. Their farmed and organic deer is supplied by their own farm in North Yorkshire. All are slaughtered by DSC approved marksmen in the field or park. 

HFV have less than 1% food waste because they use as much of the deer as possible, offering a wide range of cuts, and even use the deerskin for country-wear clothes and accessories.

HFV Parkland & Wild: Where can I buy it?

You’ll be happy to hear that no matter where you are in the UK, you can order this venison to your door:

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