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Primrose Herd: What is it?

Pork is the speciality of this family-run Cornish farm that has been keeping traditional breed pigs for more than 20 years. 

Located within a world heritage site in Cornwall, Primrose Herd’s slow approach to rearing their pigs shows in the quality of their meat: it results in more substantial marbling, a good meat and fat ratio, and a richer, more developed flavour. 

They combine their knowledge of traditional farming with tried-and-tested family recipes, producing a wide variety of award-winning pork products.

Primrose Herd have a nose-to-tail approach, so their cuts range from the classics like pork belly and Cumberland sausages to more non-traditional ones such as smoked ham hocks and heart. Their smoked bacon reminds us of how bacon used to taste (in the good ol’ days!).

They also offer a variety of pork meat hampers, such as a Cornish Breakfast Pack for a classic English fry-up and their Family Barbecue Pack for the ultimate summer BBQ.

Primrose Herd’s best-sellers:

Primrose Herd Pork Medallions

Pork Medallions


Primrose Herd Loin Chops

Loin Chops


Primrose Herd Sausages

Gluten-Free Sausages


Primrose Herd: How sustainable is it?

Primrose Herd pride themselves on their non-intensive approach to animal husbandry. 

Their pigs are reared naturally outdoors, which is where they like to be. Plus, there’s no teeth clipping, tailing docking or castrating. They are eight-10 months old by the time they are turned into meat, which is much slower growing than intensively-reared pigs

Alongside their habit of foraging naturally, they supplement their pigs diet with 17% cereals, vitamins and minerals.

All aspects of production take place in-house, allowing them complete control over quality and taste. Their nose to tail approach also means they waste as little of the animal as possible.

Employees are all paid above a living wage.

Their packaging is recyclable.

Primrose Herd: Where can I buy it?

If you are local, you can visit their on-farm butchery or find them at a farmers market in Cornwall.

Or simply order online via their website for delicious meat delivered direct to your door:

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