The best home delivery food boxes in the UK

Are you looking to order from the best home delivery food boxes in the UK? Fresh meat, fish and veg that tastes great, is better for you and good for the planet? This article has you covered.

Whether you’re looking to make hearty meals throughout the week, fresh fish for Friday dinner, meat for Sunday lunch, or simply to top up on your organic cupboard staples, it’s really never been easier. Nowadays you can order all the best produce online, with the click of a button.

The real challenge is finding the smaller, independent producers online to order from… and that’s where we come in.

We’re sussing out the best farms, fisheries and suppliers across the UK. And we’re letting you in on our favourites.

Our selection exclusively features suppliers who produce high-quality and delicious food. And they do so through high-welfare and eco-friendly approaches. The people behind these food boxes are committed to production practices that are kinder to animals, the planet and to us as consumers. They are organic, and/or free-range and/or regenerative.

It’s worth noting that each supplier offers a whole range of products, not just what we’ve picked out or mentioned. So, if you like the sound of one then click on the link to find what else they have available.

Now, without further ado, here are our top picks…


field&flower Pork Ribs

field&flower for the best subscription meat box

field&flower specialise in delivering free-range and/or grass-fed British meat and locally caught fish straight to your door.

It was co-founded by fifth-generation farmer, James Field, and food-lover, James Flower (field&flower, geddit?). While Field assists in the farming of their produce, Flower helps source and approve all other suppliers. field&flower partner with some of the best independent West Country farmers and fishermen who share their value of high animal welfare and sustainability.

Operating as a subscription service means field&flower are able to source to order. To minimise waste they ask their customers to confirm their order five days before delivery. If there is excess, this is sent to FareShare South West to provide meals for vulnerable people.


The Slow Farming Company | cows in a field

The Slow Farming Company for the best regenerative beef and pork

The Slow Farming Company is a small family-run business selling sustainable meat, pantry essentials and homewares produced by small-scale British farmers and craftspeople. 

The family sells their own pasture-fed native breed beef and Tamworth pork reared on their regenerative farm in Somerset. 

The Slow Farming Company’s approach to farming focuses on producing nutrient rich food that nourishes both the people that eat it and the land that helped to grow it. They claim that as well as tasting delicious their pasture-reared beef and pork can be lower in cholesterol, higher in Omega 3 fatty acids and higher in antioxidants than intensively-reared meat. 

Get a taste of everything The Slow Farming Company has to offer with their Winter Warmer Box which contains: grass-fed Beef Shins, Rump Steak, Beef Mince, Tamworth Pork Sausages, Chilli Dorset Sea Salt and the Solstice Hot Choc, all for £64.95.

Delivery is available to the Great Britain mainland, excluding Highlands and Islands.


Helen Browning's BBQ meat box

Helen Browning’s for the best BBQ meat boxes

Helen Browning’s Organic is named after farmer Helen Browning, who switched to farming organically at the family-run Eastbrook Farm in Wiltshire in 1986 – way before organic farming was trendy. 

They offer a range of meat bundles featuring premium organic beef and pork products from their free-ranging, dairy-bred, grass-fed animals. 

The farm and the meat produced are 100% Soil Association organic certified and Helen says:

“I see first-hand the difference farming my land organically makes – from more bees and hedgerows to contented, healthy animals, to lots of people gainfully working here and enthusiastic customers.”

We highly recommend trying one of their organic bundles, which start from £20.


Rosewood farm cattle

Rosewood Farm for the best steak box

Rosewood’s approach to farming is refreshing, to say the least. Their tagline is ‘food as a by-product of conservation’. They maintain their produce is a result of the work they do to improve the natural world. 

Rosewood specialise in producing meat from their pasture-fed Pedigree Dexter cows and the resulting beef does not disappoint.

Interestingly, Rosewood choose not to dry age their meat for any length of time. This widely-practised process is said to improve the meat’s flavour and tenderness. But, because of the way their cattle are reared, they maintain it makes little difference to the quality of their grass-fed beef and, as such, dry-ageing is a waste of resources.

Their customers agree. And so do we. As Rosewood beef is up there with some of our favourites when it comes to flavour and texture. 

Rosewood’s organic meat delivery boxes are all about the beef. They represent very good value and include a variety of cuts that are representative of the whole animal to ensure none is wasted.

If you ask us, their steak night dexter beef box is a real winner.

What better recipe for a great evening than a 5kg steak box, a fiery pan and a bottle of young cabernet sauvignon?


Free-range chicken | A chicken at Fosse Meadows

Fosse Meadows for the best slow-grown chicken

The USP of Fosse Meadows chicken is that they are grown to 81 days. Why is this significant? Well, an average supermarket chicken is grown to around 35 days, so a Fosse chicken lives more than twice as long.

This allows them to grow at a natural rate, antibiotic-free. They are also free-ranging and foraging in meadows that aren’t sprayed with fertilisers or pesticides.

When it comes to taste this means the chicken has a deeper flavour and firmer texture. It makes for a very satisfying and nutritious eating experience, indeed.


Organic meat delivery | Pipers Farm meat box

Pipers Farm for the best free-range chicken

Pipers Farm is widely recognised for its succulent meats and creative cuts – and has won a whole host of accolades to prove it, from Great Taste Awards to its Food Made Good accreditation.

Based in Devon, the 50-acre family farm has been a front-runner in sustainably produced meat for more than 30 years. They butcher all their meat on site. Plus, they work with 40 other family farms in the surrounding areas. The result? They offer a range of wholesome natural food that has been grown with a respect for nature.

One roast chicken from here will easily serve a family of four. Plus, you’ll also have enough left over for a curry and to use the carcass to create a tasty soup or stock. And tasty is the word, because this genuinely free-range chicken has a depth of flavour you’ll have forgotten they can have. This is the case across the board with everything Pipers Farm has to offer.


Coombe Farm box

Coombe Farm Organic for the best retired dairy beef

Coombe Farm Organic offer an organic meat box delivery service.

They originally set up to sell beef as a by-product of their organic dairy business. So, it’s no surprise they are champions of Retired Dairy Beef.

For all meat, they have a ‘head-to-hoof’ approach to production. They offer offal, broths, pies and even tallow soaps (not for eating!) – in addition to the more popular steaks and chicken breasts.

Based across 2,500 acres of land in Somerset, Coombe Farm Organic rear their award-winning beef, lamb and pork. They now work with other farmers to produce a broader range of Soil Association certified organic meat that is skilfully trimmed by their on-farm butchers. Then delivered straight to your door.


Eversfield Organic food delivery box

Eversfield for the best organic variety bundles

Eversfield Organic are an award-winning family-run farm nestled on the edge of Dartmoor. They deliver fresh, organic groceries via its food delivery scheme to the whole of the UK. 

Their range of top-quality produce covers everything you need for your weekly household grocery shop: organic meat, wild fish, fruit, vegetables, dairy, charcuterie, larder produce, vegetarian and vegan meat alternatives. 

So, how does the scheme work? Well, you have options. You can choose from pre-designed boxes, where they’ve done the hard thinking for you – such as veg, fruit, meat, fish, even surf and turf. But, if you prefer to choose your own, the website also operates like an online grocer where you can pick and choose what you fancy.



Logo | Sole of Discretion

Sole of Discretion for the best fresh fish

Sole of Discretion is a collective of small-scale fishers fishing out of Plymouth harbour, delivering a range of high-quality and delicious fish to your door.

They exclusively employ sustainable fishing methods which minimise the damage done to the marine environment: pole and line, using size-specific static nets, or using lobster and crab pots. 

They ensure everything that gets caught can be used or sold so that waste is minimal.

So you can choose from a whole range of beautiful species that aren’t generally stocked in supermarkets. There’s ling, pollack, pouting, ray, as well as crab meat and hand-dived scallops. Orders that come to more than £55 are delivered pretty much anywhere in the UK free of charge. You can also find the fish on Abel & Cole.

Straight from the sea and delivered to your door. You don’t get much fresher than this.




Organico for the best organic ingredients

There’s organic and then there’s Organico

The foundations of so many delicious, wholesome and nutritious meals are pasta, rice and tin tomatoes. Organico know this, so find the farmers who are laser-focused on making the best staple ingredients.

Our go-to for all those trusty cupboard staples. Organico products are farmed in a way that nurtures the soil and communities they’re produced in.

Often, these passionate farmers, local co-operatives and family businesses take control of the whole process, turning the seed in the field into the product you cook with. It’s this grower-maker philosophy that makes Organico products different. 

And, of course, it’s a given that the products are all organic – it’s right there in the name. 


Sustainable tuna: Fish4Ever

Fish4ever for the best tinned fish

Organico is also a provider of the UK’s most sustainable tinned tuna, Fish4Ever.

For more than 20 years, Fish4Ever has brought the idea of organic values to fish sustainability (fish can’t be certified organic because they’re wild in the sea) with their truly ethical and sustainable canned fish. 

Their strapline is: ‘canned fish you can trust’. And their commitment to sustainability extends to land, people as well as the sea.

Fish4Ever use small boats (pole and line tuna vessels and small day boats), local fishers and very selective equipment. They operate in precise parts of the sea to take only what is needed. Their tuna is sourced from an Azores fishery, which has been described by the International Pole and Line Federation as the greenest fishery in the world.

Conscious of how intensive farming on land pollutes river systems and coastal waters, they are the only canned fish brand in the UK to insist on using organic land ingredients (i.e. olive oil) in their products. Kudos to that.


Main image: Coombe Farm Organic

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