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Absolutely Bear: What is it?

Absolutely Bear pride themselves on designing simple and stylish clothing for the urban man. Their range is casual yet well-fitting, inspired by British heritage, designed for city-living and made with respect for nature and the planet. 

A relatively new and upcoming brand, Absolutely Bear has big ambitions. 

Founder Nick Fletcher says: 

“We believe designing clothing based around sustainability is one important way we can reconnect every day with the natural world we love.” 

His goal is to use the Absolutely Bear brand as a force for good.

Absolutely Bear: How sustainable is it?

Style alongside sustainability underpins Absolutely Bear’s design principles. 

They selectively source their pieces from companies and factories that are audited and have certifications in place: their shirts (oxford and plaid/checked), hoodies, t-shirts, polo shirts and socks are sourced from GOTS certified suppliers; their hoodies, sweaters, t-shirts, polo shirts suppliers are are PETA vegan approved; their hoodies and sweaters suppliers are OCS Blended certified; and their socks suppliers are accredited by OEKO-TEX.

Absolutely Bear tries to ensure that the materials their suppliers use are traceable,  the conditions for staff are good and that the people who make their clothes are treated properly.  

All of their clothing, excluding their knitwear, is made from organic cotton or organic blended cotton. For example, their sweaters are made from 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester. Their knitwear is made up of sustainably sourced 100% cotton from Chenab, lamb’s wool and Italian merino wool and they plan to move to organic cotton for this year’s knitwear range. 

Charitability is central to Absolutely Bear’s company values. Since their inception, they have donated money on a yearly basis to their two amazing charity partners: Become, who work with children in the care sector and The Born Free Foundation who work to protect animals and keep them in the wild. 

Last year, they joined the 1% for the Planet movement and have committed to giving 1% of gross annual sales to certified non-profit organisations. This year, they have partnered with Trees For Cities who are working to make our cities cleaner and greener for us all to live in.

For packaging, they use 100% FSC Certified Brown Paper Mailing Bags which are made from 100% sustainable materials, plant-based and plastic-Free. They are 100% reusable, recyclable and compostable and are made in the UK.

They also use “LEAVE NO TRACE BAGS” for their garments which are biodegradable, water-soluble and break down harmlessly to non-toxic biomass in soil and sea. What does this mean for you? Well, “the manufactures of the bags say that the preferred method of disposal is dissolving the bags in hot water (above 70 degrees). However, the bags are also recyclable. If the bag was to end up in landfill it will biodegrade, with the exact timescale depending on conditions. Degradation will be fasted in warm, wet landfills” – Nick Fletcher, founder. 

Absolutely Bear: Where can I buy it?

Independent clothing store called Rhoda in Crouch End, North London (25 Park Rd, London, N8 8TE).

Or online via:

Visit Absolutely Bear


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