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The Level Collective: What is it?

As the name implies, The Level Collective is a brand that’s all about balance: gear that works for both city and great outdoors; products that work hard and look good; and above all, items that are fair to others and have a minimal impact on the planet – all of which are causes we can get on board with.

The Level Collective hunts out skilled makers, designers and artists to collaborate with on their products. Crafted primarily in Britain, their materials are sourced with intention, produced slowly, and in small batches – created to endure, perform, and acquire character through the passage of time and adventurous journeys.

The waxed organic cotton backpacks are a particular hit – hardy and handsome, they’ll take from commute to the countryside without a bat of an eyelid. 

The brand showcases the work of accomplished makers like Lesley Taylor, a seasoned artisan in Birmingham with 35 years of expertise in waxed cotton and leather, and Yarmouth Oilskins, a shirt specialist with a 120-year legacy. The Level Collective is proud of these roots, drawing inspiration from the rich heritage and legacy of these skilled craftspeople who have helped shape its identity. 

The Level Collective’s best-sellers:

The Winnats Roll Top


Summit Society Organic T-shirt


Merino Wool Trail Beanie


The Level Collective: How sustainable is it?

The Level Collective is on a mission to push for fairness and sustainability as being the norm. With a commitment to high-craft British-made products, they not only prioritise quality but also help to ensure the legacy of local craftsmanship continues. 

Founder and designer, Mark Musgrave, says:

“As a designer, I wanted to collaborate with other skilled artists and makers to create products that are beautiful and functional. Products that are inspired by mountains, waves and forests. Products for work and play – for the commute and wilderness pursuit.”

Products not crafted on home turf are made in FairWear certified factories abroad. This ensures that every item emerges from environments where employees are safe, dignified, and fairly compensated. 

95% of the brand’s products are made from either GOTS certified organic cotton grown or non-mulesed wool. The organic cotton t-shirts are printed with water-based inks. The wood used for their pocket knives and hatchets is FSC certified. The leather for their boots is chromium-free premium Italian leather, the natural undyed leather used for their backpacks is sourced from a Spanish tannery, a bi-product of the food industry.

While remaining hopeful that their mission will resonate with all consumers, the Level Collective are aware of the wider challenges faced within the fashion industry. This awareness propels their commitment to give 3% of annual profits to support charity partners in what they call 3% for People and Planet. Through this initiative, they support organisations like BF Adventure in the UK, giving outdoor experiences to disadvantaged youth, boosting their confidence in wild spaces.

Their orders are also picked, packed, and posted by Mail Out, a social enterprise that specifically trains and employs adults with learning difficulties. 

And as for the packaging – well, it’s 100% recycled and recyclable paper packaging. No wing tags or paperwork included because they’re unnecessary waste. Is there any detail that hasn’t been thought of?

Musgrave explains: “As a brand, we want to be a positive force in the world, in the way we run our business – and beyond. We want to stand with people and organisations who are part of shaping a fairer, more sustainable future.”

The Level Collective: Where can I buy it?

You can buy The Level Collective at their online store:

Visit The Level Collective


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