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Ayten Gasson: What is it?

Ayten Gasson embodies luxury. This label prides itself on producing high-quality handmade works of art from their studio in Brighton. Their lingerie has been featured in some of the world’s greatest fashion publications, including Elle and Vogue.

Creative director, owner and designer, Ayten Roberts, grew up in a family of designers and makers. She has knowledge of and respect for the history and skill of traditional British manufacturing. As such, she supports British businesses and celebrates the history of vintage fabrics. 

The collections, which range from subtle neutrals to sultry bright reds, are crafted on the shop floor by Ayten alongside her small team, Ruby and Kenza. Whether you’re looking for feminine bras or romantic slips, attention to detail is evident in every creation.

Ayten Gasson: How sustainable is it?

Since its launch in the summer of 2005, Ayten Gasson has become known not only for its beautiful designs, but also for its commitment to ethical manufacturing.

The advantages of making and selling their products from one location, their Brighton shop, include guaranteeing their makers are paid a living wage and work in a nice environment. The team has full control over production and sales of each design, enabling them to minimise waste. They also donate any offcuts of fabrics to the art department of a local school. 

Currently, around 50% of their materials are sourced sustainably. Their collections regularly feature organic fabrics, such as cotton and cruelty-free peace silk, as well as upcycled vintage laces (which they are renowned for) as well as English cotton lace from Nottingham. They are working to increase the percentage of sustainable materials in their collections, starting with the expansion of their peace silk collection – watch this space.

At the core of this boutique is a small and brilliant team of artisans whose commitment to quality, care and inclusivity has established their boutique as a household name for women across the UK and within the LGBTQ+ Brighton community.  

Ayten Gasson: Where can I buy it?

Online via their website:

Visit Ayten Gasson


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