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Buttress & Snatch: What is it?

Buttress & Snatch is an independent Hackney-based artisanal lingerie and swimwear specialist. Their tailor-made designs exude femininity. Their unique underwear stands worlds apart from the high-street thanks to the makers’ creative use of textures and patterns. We’re talking lace, tulle, frills, checks, florals, to name but a few – all layered and combined in unique, intricate fashions. With lines labelled after characters like ‘mermaid’ and ‘femme fatale’, Buttress & Snatch emanate a romantic, vintage, fairy-tale-esque feel. 

Having an appreciation for the human body in all its shapes and sizes, Buttress & Snatch is centred around promoting body positivity. They run a made-to-order system, and offer a bespoke custom service to ensure they cater for all lingerie lovers. 

Owner, designer, and creator, Rachel Kenyon, first created Buttress & Snatch in 2002 after working as production manager for high-end brands. Always enthralled by ideals of gender empowerment, her community arts background inspired her to utilise her skillset to “do something better, kinder and more size inclusive.”

Buttress & Snatch: How sustainable is it?

“We are continually working to both develop and inspire a new process in fashion that values world, worker and wearer in equal measure,” says Rachel.

Everything is made in their Hackney workroom, predominantly by Rachel herself, with the occasional assistance from one or two other sewers. Any helpers are highly skilled specialists and, as such, are paid above the London Living wage. 

Roughly 80% of their materials are sustainably sourced, 40% of which comes from dead stock and industry waste.

As head of Buttress & Snatch, Rachel sets the tone of the brand in fiercely promoting diversity and inclusion. From the shapes, styles, sizing of her designs, to the models appearing on the website, she works tirelessly to advocate for body positivity and self expression.  

Constantly looking for ways for the brand to do better, Rachel is working on an ongoing project with breast cancer survivors to develop one sided bras designed to challenge the assumption that reconstructive surgery is always the only option. 

They also have two particularly interesting new lines in the works, one produced from hand woven organic cotton on community project household looms in Kerala that are finished with natural rubber organic elastics. 

The other is made from recycled cotton cut from existing work shirts. For this, they work with English Fine Cottons who manufacture the cotton shirts in the UK.

Buttress & Snatch: Where can I buy it?

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