Where to shop: sustainable products for the home

Shopping for sustainable products for the home can feel overwhelming. But, turning a house (or flat or room in a communal house/flat…) into a home should be a joyful experience.

From pillows and bed linen to tableware and cleaning products and even gardening tools, we’ll direct you to some of our favourite places to shop.

We know from experience that selecting quality pieces that are made with the planet in mind and give makers a chance at a better quality of life are the gifts that keeps on giving.

So, whether you’re looking to make your own home more eco-friendly or for a house-warming gift for a loved-one that truly makes a difference, this guide will serve as your roadmap to a more sustainable home…

The Live Frankly seal of approval:

These are really good brands, doing good things. To be included in this list, each brand has been given the Live Frankly seal of approval. We are not a certification, but we talk with every brand and ask them to complete a comprehensive questionnaire about their ethical standards before we feature them. No brand is perfect – we’re all operating in an imperfect world – but only purpose-driven brands that are working to change things for the better are allowed on Live Frankly.

We ask that workers’ rights and pay are ensured across the supply chain, that brands use sustainable materials, and want to know about their governance structures. This means you can be confident these brands are some of the most ethical and sustainable around. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Sustainable home shopping guide at a glance:

Storm Flowers Garden | Gardening tools and home accessories

Why we love Storm Flowers Garden:

  • Constantly on the lookout for unique finds, Storm Flowers Garden take pride in knowing the stories behind each product they offer, which range from practical plant pots to artisanal soap for the dedicated gardener’s hands.
  • Their curated range is made up of both their own designs made by small UK producers and craftspeople they commission.
  • Recognising their unique products make excellent gifts, and the joy of gift-giving, they ensure their offerings are sustainably made, not mass-produced, and designed to stand the test of time. 

Why Storm Flowers Garden is a better choice:

  • From supporting artisans to implementing eco-friendly practices, Storm Flowers Garden demonstrates a holistic approach to sustainability.
  • Storm Flowers Garden are part of MDSUK – the UK’s leading supplier diversity organisation that certifies businesses that are 51% or more owned, managed and controlled by ethnic minorities.


Shop Like You Give a Damn | Sustainable online marketplace

Why we love Shop Like You Give a Damn:

  • Shop Like You Give A Damn is an online marketplace that, as the name quite literally suggests, makes ethical shopping easy for those who give a damn.
  • Some of our favourite homeware brands include Lithuanian linen home textile brand AmourLinen whose slogan is ‘Buy less, buy better’; Lüks, a small business committed to ethical production – working with family ateliers in Turkey; and Infinitdemin, a fully circular company, creating accessories from recycled denim in Catalonia, Spain.
  • You can filter products by criteria that matter to you most, so you can easily shop inline with your values – or those of the person you’re buying for – whether that’s supporting a social enterprise, or gifts made from recycled or plastic-free materials.
  • Shop Like You Give A Damn say: “We give a damn about the world and invite you to do the same. Shop with compassion. No more than you need. And always vegan, fair and as sustainable as possible.”

Why Shop Like You Give A Damn is a better choice:

  • Everything it sells is 100% vegan, fair and sustainable, while it also champions being inclusive as well as mission-driven businesses. 
  • They encourage customers to shop with passion, and buy consciously rather than making rash purchases.
  • The brand’s staff are all paid a living wage along with benefits.


Project Cece | Online sustainable marketplace

Why we love Project Cece:

  • Project Cece is the largest online marketplace for homeware and fashion which has more than 400 brands, and is still growing.
  • Project Cece does all the hard work of researching and curating a collection of feel-good homeware, by bringing together lots of different sustainable brands into one platform.
  • Some of the brands on the platform include Shakti.ism, a British brand that gives Indian Sarees a second life by reusing them into beautiful new items in social workshops in India and Bangladesh; Beaumont Organic, whose homeware collection includes a beautiful selection of handcrafted pieces; and Paguro Upcycle, which shows what can be achieved with reclaimed and repurposed materials creating quality, individual and sustainable products.

Why Project Cece is a better choice:

  • To be featured on Project Cece, brands must fall into at least one of these five categories: be fairtrade; use eco-friendly practices and/or materials; are vegan; support a good cause; produced in Europe. 
  • Each brand is vetted and must meet Project Cece’s criteria (with a minimum of being Fair Trade and environmentally friendly) to be featured on the website.
  • As brands are forever growing and progressing, they’re often revisited and if a brand’s standards slip, it is removed from the platform.


Leticia Credidio | Meditation pillow and candle

Why we love Leticia Credidio:

  • Leticia Credidio is a luxury sustainable sleepwear and loungewear brand made by an Italian-Japanese-Brazilian designer of the same name.
  • Credidio’s work is heavily inspired by the natural world and nature, paying homage to our beloved oceans and coral reefs.
  • Leticia Credidio’s beautiful Meditation Pillows are hand crocheted by her auntie in Brazil.
  • Her vegan ‘Before Sleeping’ candle smells divine and is made from soy wax and a blend of 100% geranium and rosemary essential oils.

Why Leticia Credidio is a better choice:

  • All of Credidio’s garments are hand-crafted using sustainable materials. 
  • All the packaging is made from discarded fabrics from a recycling centre in London.


SOiL Organics | Essential Oils

Why we love SOiL Organics:

  • In burners or diffusers, added to baths or as a part of massage, essential oils are used to reduce stress and harmonise, centre, calm or energise our minds.
  • SOiL Organics have been cultivating and distilling aromatic plants at Windermere Farm in Zululand, South Africa for more than two decades.
  • They say: “By knowing the exact source of our oils, we can be confident that they are 100% pure, certified organic and unadulterated.” 
  • You can search for the best essential oils for you by ailment or by ingredient.

Why SOiL Organics is a better choice:

  • SOiL demonstrates its dedication to sustainability through a commitment to organic farming, ethical sourcing, and environmental responsibility throughout its operations.
  • SOiL built its own nursery to ensure they have the best quality organic seedlings for their fields. Each plant is hand-planted and tended. And each hectare of field requires tens of thousands of plants.
  • They actively support Beauty Without Cruelty and the South African Vegan Society, advocating for ethical living and animal rights.


Abel & Cole | Green cleaning essentials

Why we love Abel & Cole:

  • Abel & Cole has been delivering food from farm-to-doors since the 1980s, it now also offers sustainable household goods too.
  • Their green cleaning essentials include products from refill pioneers and Living Wage employer based in Yorkshire, Miniml; their eco-friendly kitchen products range varies from storage jars to recycled bin liners to biodegradable and compostable scrubbers; and they even offer seasonal flowers from British growers and organic seeds and plants for your garden.

Why Abel & Cole is a better choice:

  • Abel & Cole’s sustainability extends to the relationships it has with suppliers and its brilliant approach to doing business generally, it is transparent about gender pay, for example. 
  • They offer a range of refillable options.
  • They collect back any rubbish, including plastics.



About the author

Lizzie Rivera

Lizzie Rivera

Lizzie Rivera is the founder and chief purpose officer at Live Frankly. She has been writing for mainstream publications for 10 years, specialising in sustainability and ethics since 2014.


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