Sustainable Seafood

Our growing demand for fish is putting immense pressure on our seas. Global human consumption of seafood has doubled since 1980 and it continues to rise.

The impact in numbers is shocking. Today, around 2.7 trillion fish are caught every year, up to five million killed every minute, by commercial fishing fleets. Close to 90% of fish is either overfished or fished to its maximum limit. The largest trawl nets are so large they could swallow whole cathedrals, devastating 3.9 billion acres of seafloor, annually.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

So, does genuinely sustainable seafood exist? Yes! There are small, sustainable fishing businesses who are working hard to prove fishing can be done better, every day.

We dive deep into the world of fishing to find out everything you need to know when shopping for truly sustainable seafood, including the most trustworthy seafood suppliers in the UK...


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