Best sustainable gifts for Christmas 2023

Christmas can get a little bit confusing when it comes to sustainable gifts. Really, we know we shouldn’t be buying each other extra stuff. But, we have become accustomed to showing people we care by giving presents.

Whether you’re trying to be more sustainable yourself or looking for gifts for environmentally conscious friends, the wonderful fact is that ethical gifts can have far-reaching positive impact.

Here’s our pick of some of the best ethical and sustainable Christmas gift ideas for everyone.

Also, check out our guides for the best eco-friendly gifts for him and best sustainable gifts for her.

How we curate our gift-guides and test

Live Frankly is a place for exclusively ethical and sustainable brands. All the brands we feature go above-and-beyond in the work they do because they recognise the climate crisis, the environmental crisis, the injustices in their industries, and they know there’s a better way. They’re proving business can be done differently.

Every brand fills out a form answering questions about the materials they use, the people in their supply chains and their governance structures. We speak with the owners and decision makers before adding them to the Live Frankly Directory, and we test the quality of their products.

We do the hard work in the background, so you can focus on buying gifts with meaning for your loved-ones from smaller, independent brands with values at their core.

Best sustainable Christmas gifts at a glance:

Sustainable Gifts for Environmentally Conscious Friends and Family

Best for relaxation: Leticia Credidio Before Sleeping Candle: £25

Before Sleeping Leticia Credidio candle

Key specifications

  • Burn time – 35-40 hours
  • Vegan soy wax
  • Made with 100% essential oils
  • 180ml
  • Made in East London

This gorgeous Before Sleeping Candle, a limited-edition blend of geranium and rosemary, is the ideal way to unwind before sleeping, and is the product of a collaboration between Oh, James – an East London brand that produces unique handmade candles – and sleepwear brand Leticia Credidio.

Each candle is made from soy wax and 100% essential oils, handsomely packaged in a hand-sewn, up-cycled fabric bag. Burn time is up to 40 hours. This candle is so good you’ll want to keep it for yourself…

£25 | SHOP NOW

Best for families: Abel & Cole The Festive Moments Organic Vegan Christmas Hamper, £90

Abel 7 Cole Vegan Hamper

Key specifications

  • 13 products
  • Vegan and organic produce

Whether your giftee follows a plant-based diet or not is not the point. This is a hamper full of delicious treats – Dark & Salted Almond chocolate, Coffee, mulled wine species, mince pies, a bottle of red… the list goes on. All treats are organic, and it’s all beautifully packaged in a planet-friendly hamper.

£90 | SHOP NOW

Best for meat loving chefs: Piper’s Farm, The Sustainable Meat Cookbook. Recipes & Wisdom for Considered Carnivores: £25

The Sustainable Meat Cookbook. Recipes & Wisdom for Considered Carnivores

Key specifications

  • Over 100 seasonal recipes
  • Delivered in fully recyclable packaging

This cookbook makes the perfect gift for inspiring home cooks who want a reliable guide on how to reconnect with the land, cook consciously with ethically and sustainably reared meat, and how to use the often unusual cut of animals. Celebrating the seasons, it’s the debut cookbook from Pipers Farm, which is headed up by Peter Grieg and his wife Henri. They’ve been running their Devonshire 50-acre family farm for 30 years, working in tune with nature, and have partnered with 25 other family farms in the surrounding areas to create their top quality produce. The book is also intertwined farming tales gathered from their decades in the business, giving a true insight into the real work and passion that goes into farming in this way. 

£25 | SHOP NOW

Best for a group activity: Gift Voucher for Migrateful’s Refugee & Migrant-led Cookery Classes: from £30

Migrateful Cooking Classes

Key specifications

  • Valid for 12 months
  • Available online and in London, Bristol and Brighton

This Christmas, treat someone to a truly rewarding experience!

Migrateful is an incredible, award-winning charity supporting refugees and asylum seekers on their journey to integration by preparing them to run cookery classes.

Over the past 5 years, they have supported over 97 Migrateful chefs through more than 2000 classes. It’s no wonder they have high profile supporters in Meghan Markle, Yotam Ottolenghi, Aisling Bea, and Jamie Oliver.

It goes without saying, a voucher for a Migrateful Refugee & Migrant-led Cookery Class is a wonderful, unique gift that keeps on giving.

Online voucher, £30 for a household | London, Brighton, Bristol, from £45 – £70 | SHOP NOW

Best for giving back: Choose Love, from £10

Choose Love Refugee Christmas gifts

Key specifications

  • 13 packages to choose from
  • Range includes ‘bundle of warmth’ to ‘life saving medical treatment’
  • Buy ‘one of everything’ for £565

We’ve got a secret. We’ve found a one-stop shop where you can get all your Christmas shopping done all in one place. You’ll find something to suit everyone, at all budgets, and you don’t even have to wrap it!

That’s because at online shop Choose Love, you buy what you want and receive nothing. Zilch. Nada. This is a business does things a little bit differently: it sells gifts for refugees around the world.

Splash your cash on warm winter clothing (£15), a hot meal (£15), mental health support (£25) and more, and your gift gets sent directly to those who need it most. You can buy from yourself, or in the name of someone you love.

Items from £15 | SHOP NOW

Best gin lovers: Helen Browning’s Organic Gin: £45

Helen Browning's Organic gin

Key specifications

  • Certified organic by the Soil Association
  • 70cl bottle
  • ABV 40%

For gin lovers, this organic gin is perfect. In fact, it’s so good, you won’t want to give it away.

Helen Browning certified organic London Dry Gin is hand-distilled in copper stills in the heart of rural Oxfordshire.

Inspired by the botanicals and flora found on Helen Browning’s organic farm, the gin has the delicate aroma of British wildflower meadows and orchards. Its distinct flavour profile is made up of Sea buckthorn, pear, fresh honey with herbal notes.

As if we weren’t already sold, the bottle itself is made from recycled glass. Refillable pouches are then available for your giftee to top up their gin bottle when they are running low. The refill pouches can be sent back to Helen Browning to be recycled.

£45 | SHOP NOW

Best for puzzle fiends: Rapanui Re-jiggulous Puzzle: £30

Rapanui | jigsaw | sustainable gifts for her

Key specifications

  • 1,000 pieces
  • Made from 100% recycled cardboard and UV inks
  • 700×510 mm when made
  • Also available in white

When we stumbled across this bad boy, we just couldn’t resist including it in our list. This jigsaw from Rapanui is impossibly ridiculous, hence the name ‘re-jiggulous’.

It is made to puzzle even the most hard-core of puzzling pros. Know anyone who loves a challenge?

It is sustainably designed from recycled cardboard and printed with a cool marine-inspired doodle.

£30 | SHOP NOW

Best for quick getaways: Level Collective Roll Top Mini, £225

Navy Roll Top Mini Backpack

Key specificiations:

  • Handmade in small batches
  • Available in three colours
  • 8L capacity
  • Height: 300mm, Width: 200m, Depth: 130mm
  • Lifetime guarantee

Hand-crafted in Cornwall from weatherproof waxed organic cotton, this backpack is a practical choice for the city and a good option for seizing the opportunity to make a quick getaway to the great British outdoors, whenever that may come your way.

It has clever compartmentalisation for your ipad and water bottle. It features custom stainless steel buckles that are laser cut and polished in the UK’s hometown steel city, Sheffield. The straps, grab handle and buckle loops are all made from durable chunky cotton webbing – woven and dyed in the UK.

The Level Collective designs products to age beautifully and offers a lifetime guarantee on its backpacks.

£225 | SHOP NOW

Best for outdoor activities: High Performance Arms of Andes Alpaca Wool Gear: from £70

Hikers wearing Arms of Andes clothing in mountain range

Key specifications 

  • Made from Royal Alpaca wool, the best quality
  • High-performance apparel
  • Developed in the Andes Mountains
  • 100% plant dyes
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Size XS-XXL

Developed in the Andes Mountains, this high-performance 100% Alpaca Wool apparel is lightweight, soft and breathable – the perfect gear for outdoor sports, travelling, and everyday use. 

Alpaca Wool is moisture-wicking and naturally odour resistant, helping to keep you protected, clean, and comfortable on your adventures.

It is available in multiple designs and a variety of colours, using low-impact or natural dyes.

From £70 | Shop Now

Best for cosy winter walks: Valentina Karellas Cashmere Knitwear: From £55

Key specifications 

  • 100% ethically sourced Mongolian cashmere
  • Zero waste ethos
  • Each item is made to order
  • Made from left over yarn that would otherwise have gone to waste
  • Made using hand powered vintage knitting machine

If you want to wrap someone in a bundle of love, then Valentina Karellas’ Danvers knitwear is the perfect gift to do just that. The matching beanie, mittens and scarf are available in a range of bright and bold colours, including electric blue and turquoise, forest green with contrasting orange or tones of grey, and are made of beautifully soft and bright (surplus) cashmere, which is incredibly limited stock. When this yarn is gone, it’s gone…

Each row is accountable and treasured by hand, and made to order on a vintage industrial knitting machine that doesn’t use energy. Super light and stylish, these pieces are all about quality and attention to detail, featuring a contrast stripe hem detail.

Pieces from £55 | SHOP NOW

Best for running: Pitod equality baseball cap: £39

Pitod black equality baseball cap

Key specifications 

  • Gender fluid brand
  • Made to order from 100% organic cotton
  • Embroidered design on both sides
  • Unstructured shape

A classic baseball cap is an easy way to make a statement, and makes a timeless gift. This cap has a little difference though, and that’s its simple white embroidered symbol on the side, which stands for diversity and unity.

Made with 100% organic cotton, all of Pitod‘s wardrobe staple designs are inclusive, made to a high-quality, are versatile and are made to last from organic and recycled materials. 

£39 | SHOP NOW

Best for essentials: WAWWA Clothing organic half moon cross body bag: £59

WAWWA Half Moon Bag

Key specifications

  • Made in Manchester
  • 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton
  • Workers paid the real living wage

If your giftee is fed up with using chunky backpacks or forever has a sore shoulder from carrying too much in just a tote bag, this is the bag for them. The universal fits-everything-in bag in a half moon shape is best worn slung across the body (although its adjustable strap means it can also be worn as a shoulder bag) and means everything you’re carrying is easily accessible. So, forget struggling to find what you’re looking for in a rucksack, or constantly fumbling around looking for your house keys.

Made from 100% organic in Manchester, it’s designed to be able to carry your essentials, it’s a go-to bag for holidays or the office, as it’s spacious enough for a water bottle, notebooks, even some and lunch, and plenty of other essentials.

£59 | SHOP NOW

Best for winter skin: Lyonsleaf face and body natural skincare set: £17.50

Key specifications

  • 100% Natural
  • More than 90% organic/wild-harvest
  • Concentrated formula
  • Water-free: no preservatives or emulsifiers

Lyonsleaf award-winning Body Butter and Beauty Balm are both intensive moisturisers, that are great for winter skin. They are made from tropical plant oils like shea butter and babassu oil that will not oxidise on the skin and are perfect for daytime use. The multi-tasking Beauty Balm can also be used as a cleanser that won’t strip the skin’s natural oil and will keep both oily or dry skin in tip-top condition.

At Lyonsleaf they call their philosophy ‘The Republic of Natural Skincare’, crafting their blends with homegrown herbs, nourishing plant oils, organic beeswax, minerals, and… nothing else! Lyonsleaf products are hand-made in the UK by workers earning a living wage.

£17.50 | SHOP NOW

Best Sustainable Gifts For Her

Best for yogis: Wellicious fresher cropped tank yoga: £79

Key specifications 

  • Certified Cradle to Cradle Product
  • Made from organic cotton
  • Made in Europe inline with Social & Fair Work Conditions

When it comes to sportswear, the elastane which gives leggings and sports bras their stretchiness can take between a staggering 20 and 200 years to decompose, depending on how much elastane is in the product. 

Wellicious is Cradle to Cradle certified, meaning its entire lifespan – from manufacturing through to composting – is fully taken care of. When the products do come to the end of their lives, Wellicious will take them back and properly compost them.

£79 | SHOP NOW

Best for festive parties: Lora Gene midi slip silk dress: £170

Lora Gene silk slip dress

Key specifications 

  • 100% Mulberry silk
  • Made to order
  • Sizes 6-28
  • Available in 10 colours

Designed in the UK and made in Bulgaria, which is known for its top quality skills in making clothes and outerwear, founder Lora also hails from the country and is an expert in all things textile design and manufacturing. Her chic and timeless designs aren’t about what’s in fashion, but what will transcend fashion trends and always look good.

The slip dress is made from 100% Mulberry satin silk, and is one of the collection’s key pieces, which can be dressed up or down to take you from festive parties to winter walks. Although it’s not made to measure, it is made to order, so each item can be created to suit different body types. The brand also really champions size inclusivity, running from sizes 6 to 28, across 10 colours.

£170 | SHOP NOW

Best for a splash of colour: Eily O Connell Acorn Enamel Studs, £105

Eily O'Connell Acorn Stud Earrings

Key specifications

  • Made in Bristol
  • Enamelled acorn studs
  • Hand painted
  • Crafted in solid silver
  • Extra large silver earring backs

Looking for a truly unique and special gift? These mesmerising enamelled stud earrings by Eily O Connell are just that.

Designer and goldsmith Eily O Connell is heavily inspired by the natural world, and the studs feature a quirky acorn style cup shape.

They are created in an array of tones, including the pictured glowworms-inspired lime green.

Handmade, and enamelled by Eily in her Bristol based studio, these hand-painted earrings are crafted in recycled solid silver and then the enamel has been carefully fired inside the acorn.

What makes Eily O Connell jewellery even more special is that it is made with sustainability in mind. O Connell prides herself on crafting her pieces using high-quality, ethical and well sourced materials. 

£105 | SHOP NOW

Best for never getting the size wrong: Amadeus Aurora Gold and Turquoise ring, £180

Key specifications:

  • 18k Gold Vermeil (recycled sterling silver soaked in 18k gold bath)
  • Natural turquoise gemstones sourced from vintage accessories
  • Ring width: approx two cm

This gold and turquoise ring is a statement item. It is fully size-adjustable and looks great on its own or when layered with contrasting stacking bands.

Amadeus’ philosophy is “look good, feel good, and do good”. They offer their customers more conscious jewellery choices by using recycled gold and silver and purchasing pre-loved stones secondhand. They are dedicated to in-house production in London. 

£180 | SHOP NOW

Best for relaxing at home: Peachaus Matching pyjama set: From £40

Peachaus Pyjamas

Key specifications

  • 100% ethically sourced cotton
  • Made in India
  • Sizes XS-XL

Receiving a pair of PJ’s for Christmas feels like a rite of passage. And, if you’re looking to step up your PJ game this year with a pair that is cute, comfy and kind to the planet, look to Peachaus. It’s an all-round fab women’s lifestyle brand that sells contemporary feminine sleepwear, underwear and leisurewear in an array of understated soft colours.

Their chic range of matching pyjama sets, which feature pastel stripes, gingham checks and beautiful embroidered designs, are consciously crafted from responsibly sourced fabrics.

These are the kind of pyjamas you’ll want to lounge in on the sofa with a coffee in hand, all winter long.

Prices vary | SHOP NOW

Best for lazy weekends: Shop Like You Give A Damn ArmourLinen Waffle Linen Bathrobe: £138.33

Key specifications

  • Made to order
  • Made from 53% linen and 47% cotton blend
  • Stone washed for maximum softness
  • Available in two sizes and three colours

Don’t want to wear a hoodie, but want something extra cosy to throw on over your comfies, which has the added bonus of a hood? This waffle dressing gown with a hood is just the ticket. Made from a waffle linen and cotton blend, it’s soft and is the perfect thing to wear when it gets chilly at home, or post bath or shower.

Best for sparkle: Ethica Diamonds The Karensa Bracelet, £514.42

Ethica Diamonds Karensa Bracelet

Key Specifications

  • Round cut green amethyst
  • Lab grown pear cut diamond petals
  • Yellow gold bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is inspired by the lotus flower, which bloom which bloom each morning from murky waters, representing purity and resilience. A round cut green amethyst sits at the centre of the flower and is surrounded by lab grown pear cut diamond petals clasped in triangular claw settings. Ethica Diamond‘s mantra is “kind, not mined”. While lab-grown diamonds are both visually and chemically identical to natural diamonds, they bypass the harm caused by mining. Matching necklace and earrings also available.

£514.42 | SHOP NOW

Best for that special someone: Buttress & Snatch Old English Rose bra: £112

Buttress and Snatch flower cotton lingerie set

Key specifications 

  • Made from upcycled materials
  • Wide range of sizes available in ready-made designs
  • Option for individually custom-made orders

Not all underwear is made equal. The lingerie by Buttress & Snatch founder Rachel Kenyon is made from vintage materials she’s spent the past 20 years of her career collecting, which have mostly come from dead stock and are ready to be upcycled. But one of her unique offerings goes beyond the usual realms of lingerie, and makes a unique gift. More art than just underwear, she makes new lingerie out of an old (but much-loved) item of clothing like an old shirt or dress, resulting in a totally individual and personalised gift.

Though, there are ready-made designs you can buy in a wide range of sizes, like this pretty and quintessentially Old English rose print bra. Make it a matching set with the knickers and suspenders in the same print.

£122 | SHOP NOW

Best for accessorising: Project Cece Tora Earrings: £39

Gold disc earrings with drop pearl

Key specifications

  • 24K sustainable gold-plated
  • Made in Paris
  • 10m diameter stone
  • Nickel-free and lead-free

You can never go too far wrong when it comes to jewellery featuring gold or pearls, and if you combine the two, you’re set for a winning gift that’s totally timeless. 

These little dangly earrings are the perfect mix between dainty and chunky thanks to their hammered-effect gold studs, which are finished off with a little pearl drop. 
As part of the carefully curated offering from the female-founded online marketplace Project Cece, these earrings are made from 24-carat sustainable gold plate and are ethically handmade in Paris at the Agape Studio, which specialises in timeless pieces.

£39 | SHOP NOW

Best for Festive underwear: Julie May Passion Red Lace Cotton and Silk Set: £83


Key Specifications:

  • Made with hypoallergenic fabric
  • Flattering lace overlay
  • Cup / Crotch: 100% Pure Silk
  • Body Fabric: 78% Organic Pima Cotton, 22% Silk
  • Available in Red and Black
  • Sizes 10 – 18

Spice things up this Christmas with this stunning Passion Red Lace Cotton and Silk lingerie set from Juliemay.

Juliemay is a brilliant brand that specialises in making ultra-soft, super breathable, naturally hypoallergenic bras and briefs. The brand is accredited by AllergyUK.

This supportive yet sexy set is made from sustainably sourced Organic Pima Cotton and silk with delicate lace and floral detailing.

Discount code JULIEMAY for 10% off first order.

Bralette & Knickers set £83 | SHOP NOW

Best for comfortable underwear: Pantee Crop Bra: £30

Key specifications

  • Free of wires
  • Made using deadstock, high-quality, double layered cotton
  • Longline fit and scoop back
  • Manufacturers paid above living wage with bi-annual bonuses
  • Sent in recycled and recyclable plastic-free packaging

This modern sporty style double layered crop bra from Pantee is perfect for getting comfy and cosy this winter.

Pantee tackles clothing waste head on, and since launching in November 2021 they have upcycled more than 1,500 kg of deadstock T-shirts and fabrics into bras and knickers.

So not only is this bra super soft, breathable and buttery, but it’s brilliantly made from reworked deadstock cotton, too. Pantee’s underwear is cut and sewn in a small-scale sample room in Bangladesh, where workers are guaranteed safe working conditions and fair pay. 

The crop bra is available in black, white and limited edition colours. You can mix and match it with Pantee’s range of brief styles, so we recommend having a browse. There’s also the option to treat someone to a Pantee gift card, starting from £10.

£30 | SHOP NOW

Best sustainable makeup: Benecos refillable makeup palette, £22.95

Benecos refillable makeup palette

Key specifications

  • Refillable palette
  • Plastic free
  • Cosmos organic
  • Cruelty-free
  • Talc free
  • Vegan

The benecos Beauty ID Florence palette is a fab gift for any makeup lover. This palette includes a rouge, two highlighters, four eye shadows and a lip & cheek balm. These palettes not only come feature an array of beautiful colours to play with. Excitingly, they are also refillable! So, when you’ve run out of your favourite shade, there’s no having to waste money, or packaging, on replacing the entire palette. You can simply replace the individual colour. Or, switch things up and swap it out for an entirely new shade. The options and potential makeup looks are endless…

benecos offers a wide range of organic, plant-based makeup at an affordable price. Their products are packed full of natural ingredients that care for your skin and steer clear of mineral oils, paraffins and silicones. benecos hold certifications from BDIH COSMOS ORGANIC, BDIH COSMOS NATURAL, and PETA Cruelty Free. The Natural Care range is Vegan Society Certified.

£22.95 | SHOP NOW

Best plastic-free toiletries: Ben & Anna’s natural toiletries gift box: £29.95

Key specifications 

  • Ingredients are vegan and microplastic-free
  • Plastic free packaging
  • Not tested on animals

The Ben & Anna gift box is a sure-to-please great smelling pack, with a difference. For just £29.95, this sustainable goodie box includes six of Ben & Anna’s best-selling all-natural vegan toiletries, including Elmswood Love Soap Bar, deodorants, toothpaste and even a bamboo toothbrush. The items are perfect for travel in the new year.

There’s also the option to curate your own bespoke gift box, picking and choosing your favourite bits.  

£29.95 | SHOP NOW

Best for winter cashmere: CAZ Studio Semi-Felted Cashmere Shawl With Felting: £285

Key specifications 

  • Upcycled 100% cashmere
  • Made in Nepal
  • Size 100×200
  • Made to order in 2-4 weeks

Handmade in Nepal, this 100% cashmere shawl is available in four colours. It’s hand-knitted to order and features a needle-felted raw cashmere border, which adds texture and charm. Cozy and stylish, this shawl is warm, durable, and incredibly lightweight. It is the ultimate in luxury from a company that specialises in new, recycled, and up-cycled cashmere garments. 

*CAZ Studio are offering a 15% discount for new customers with code: FIRSTORDER*

£285 | SHOP NOW

Best Sustainable Gifts For Him

Best for winter layering: Eco Aya alpaca wool sweater: €144,80 – about £124.50 

Eco Aya Alpaca Wool Jumper in Black

Key specifications 

  • Made from Royal Alpaca wool, the best quality
  • Made in Peru
  • 100% plant dyes
  • Available in seven colours
  • Size S-XL

Putting people and the environment first is Eco Aya, a brand created by siblings Meli and Rensso, who have been inspired by their mother’s Peruvian roots and way of making clothes. 

This alpaca wool jumper is timeless, but also so versatile and can be dressed up, worn over a shirt or more casually under a flannel jacket. It uses plant dyes, all manufacturing is done within Peur, keeping emissions down, and packaging is plastic-free. 

Made from Royal Alpaca wool, which comes from young white alpacas in the Peruvian Andes, it’s the rarest of wools and really lets the quality shine. It’s defined as being less than 19.5 microns in diameter, and not only is it so soft, but it also helps regulate temperature and is antibacterial. It’s also available in six other colours. 

£124.50 SHOP NOW

Best for casual festive celebrations: Brothers We Stand Brava Fabrics corduroy overshirt: £85

Key specifications

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Corduroy fabric
  • Slim collar
  • Made in Portugal
  • Sizes S-XXXL

A shirt is a classic Christmas gift – especially if it’s one they can pop on straight away after unwrapping, which this dark green cord number certainly is. Made from 100% organic cotton in Portugal, this overshirt keeps things simple with just two front pockets and a slim collar. 

Stocked at the Brothers We Stand online marketplace, which specialises in stylish ethical menswear, with plenty of sustainable clothing at an affordable price. Each item featured on the site is given a footprint tab detailing its social and environmental impact.

£85 | SHOP NOW

Best for nature lovers: Silverstick organic cotton sweatshirt: £55

Silverstick Jumper with Tree Sparrow

Key specifications 

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Heavyweight fabric 340gms
  • Brushed back inner face
  • Left chest embroidery
  • Woven hem label
  • Made in Turkey
  • Sizes S-XXL

Buying for any keen nature-lovers? This is the brand for them. Silverstick was founded by two explorers, Harry Green and Sam Varney, and celebrates and supports endangered birds with its range of long sleeve tops and jumpers that feature embroidered coloured birds such as this Tree Sparrow. Made from 100% organic cotton in a midweight fabric, the birds are created in Matt Sewell’s signature slightly cartoony style. Also available in women and children’s sizes.

£55 | SHOP NOW

Best boxers: Fleet London Boxer Shorts: £23

Fleet London Boxer Shorts

Key specifications 

  • Slimmer fit
  • Made from 100% lightweight cotton
  • Embroidered logo
  • Plastic free packaging
  • Sizes S-XL

Who doesn’t appreciate a new set of boxer shorts for Christmas? Especially when they are as well-made as these.

Fleet London boxers, available in seven shades, are slim cut, comfortable and lightweight – none of the bagginess you now see in so many traditional boxer shorts.

Made from sustainably sourced, high-quality raw cotton, they are designed to last. Fleet London’s garments are produced in small batches in Portugal under fair and safe working conditions.

OFFER: For Christmas, Fleet London are offering any two pairs of their boxers for £45 (normally £27 each, full price) with code ‘boxingclever2‘. Or, a single pair for £23 with code ‘boxingclever1‘.

Oh, and they’ll also deliver your boxers in a lovely plastic-free gift box with free express tracked UK delivery. 

£45 for two, £23 for one | SHOP NOW

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