Best sustainable Christmas gift ideas

Things can get a little bit confusing when it comes to sustainable Christmas gifts. Really, we know we shouldn’t be buying each other extra stuff. But, we have become accustomed to showing people we care by giving presents. And, after the Christmas we had last year, spreading love and joy this festive season is more important than ever!

Whether you’re trying to be more sustainable yourself or you have friends who are trying to be more conscious, the wonderful fact is that ideas that are socially and environmentally responsible can be the gifts that keep on giving. Here’s our pick of some of the best ethical and sustainable Christmas gift ideas…


Artysan Cantuccini and Panettone

Organico Artysan range Christmas gifts

The way to anyone’s heart is through their belly and when it comes to Christmas presents, sweet treats are real crowd pleasers. Because, who doesn’t want to add to their mounting supply of chocolate and mince pies?

Organico’s new Artysan range of festive goodies are the perfect go-to gift for family and friends. 

From their selection of Panettone made in a family bakery in Venice, to the rich butter shortbread pastry of their Scottish mince pies, this range covers all the must-have festive desserts. And, you can be sure they’ve been baked using the best quality all-organic ingredients, and taste as delicious as they look. 

From £3.75, Organico

Artisan Christmas Cheese Board 

field&flower Artisan Cheeseboard christmas gifts

For more savoury palates, a cheeseboard is a Christmas classic. A household staple throughout the festive season, no Christmas feast is complete without over-indulging on a platter of cheeses…

So, it goes without saying that field&flower’s Artisan Christmas Cheeseboard (800g) makes for a delightful gift! Featuring a weighty selection of traditionally made British cheeses – Baron Bigod, Cropwell Bishop Stilton, Highmoor, and Westcombe Cheddar – this platter is enough to feed 8-10 of your friends or family.

For smaller households of 4-6 people, they also have their Traditional Christmas Cheeseboard, and for larger dining parties of up to 14, there is their Luxury Christmas Cheeseboard.

And you can have it delivered straight to their door!

£24.27, field&flower

Family Farm Safari day out

Helen Browning's pug in snow

What better gift than quality time to spend with loved ones? Eastbrook Experiences offers the chance to enjoy some downtime with the family while exploring the beautiful Eastbrook Farm – an organic farmland set on the historic Ridgeway in Wiltshire. 

Or, if you know of a couple deserving of some alone time, they also offer a Farm Safari Overnight bundle for 2, which, in addition to the safari tour, includes a one night stay in their lovely Royal Oak Hotel.

From £75, Helen Browning’s

Three month seasonal coffee subscription

For the discerning coffee aficionado in your life, does waking up to fresh specialty coffee delivered directly to their door get any better?

Well, yes, if it’s coffee from Redemption Roasters.

Redemption Roasters is a prison based roastery.  It exists to provide alternative employment routes for people who are too frequently overlooked for work. Having a job is the single biggest factor that can prevent someone from reoffending, but prejudice, stigma and fear make it hard for prison-leavers to find work. 

Their coffee is sourced from all over the world, including the Galapagos, with a preference for smallholder farmers.  Where possible, Redemption Roasters also purchase coffee that aligns with their ethos –  for example, a project called “Spirit of Peace” sees Colombian ex-combatants rehabilitated through productive work as smallholder coffee farmers. Everyone in the supply chain is paid a living wage.  

From £34.20, Redemption Roasters


Ben & Anna Gift Box

Ben & Anna Toiletries Gift Box

The Ben & Anna gift box is a sure-to-please great smelling pack, with a difference. For just £47, this sustainable goodie box includes six of Ben & Anna’s best-selling all-natural vegan toiletries, including shower gel, deodorants, toothpastes and even a bamboo toothbrush. The items are perfect for travel in the new year.

There’s also the option to curate your own bespoke gift box, picking and choosing your favourite bits.  

£47, Ben & Anna 

Before Sleeping Candle

Before Sleeping Leticia Credidio candle

This gorgeous Before Sleeping Candle, a limited-edition blend of geranium and rosemary, is the ideal way to unwind before sleeping, and is the product of a collaboration between Oh, James – an East London brand that produces unique handmade candles – and sleepwear brand Leticia Credidio. Founder, Leticia, has worked at the intersection of design and social change for more than 14 years, and her brand champions taking time to rest, embracing comfort and being present in the now. 

Each candle is made from soy wax and 100% essential oils, handsomely packaged in a hand-sewn, up-cycled fabric bag. Burn time is up to 40 hours. This candle is so good you’ll want to keep it for yourself…

£25, Leticia Credidio

Lavender Bath Truffles

There’s also these amazing sounding Lavender Bath Truffles. Made from 100% natural and/or Ecocert ingredients, including cocoa butter which softens and moisturises skin leaving it soft and velvety, coupled with lavender essential oil which calms and relaxes. This packet of six truffles is a real treat.

£14.88, Project Cece

Booster Bath Soak

Isn’t Christmas (supposedly) all about kicking up your feet, switching off and clocking in time for some much needed relaxation? So why not help hard-working friends and family wind down this festive season with this luxury re-energising bath and foot soak to help restore the body back to its best. Made with 100% pure Dutch magnesium, sustainably cultivated seaweed and botanical oils, it eliminates toxins and restores vital minerals, leaving you refreshed and revitalised. Also, the chic glass bottle will look great in any bathroom!

£46.75, Project Cece

Organic CBD oil

Hempen Organic CBD oil

Know a friend who’s been a little stressed out with work or family? This Organic CBD Oil could be a much appreciated present.

Full-spectrum CBD oil works with the endocannabinoid system, which works to balance your body. While its many effects are still being researched, studies have shown CBD can alleviate symptoms of inflammation, pain and anxiety amongst others. The CBD in Hempen’s Refined CBD Oil is imported from an organic farm in Switzerland and blended with hemp seed oil from the UK, which offers additional benefits from omega fatty acids, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

£18.99, Hempen


Cashmere Knitwear 

Valentina Karellas Cashmere knitwear

If you want to wrap someone in a bundle of love, then Valentina Karellas’ Danvers knitwear are the perfect gift to do just that. The matching beanie, mittens and scarf are available in stunning orange or blue and are made of beautifully soft and bright (surplus) cashmere, which is incredibly limited stock. When this yarn is gone, it’s gone…

Each row is accountable and treasured by hand, and made to order on a vintage industrial knitting machine. 

Super light and stylish, these pieces are all about quality and attention to detail, featuring a contrast stripe hem detail.

From £50, Valentina Karellas

Yarn Accessories

WAWWA recycled yarn knitwear

For cool Christmas gifts, WAWWA‘s collection of 100% Recycled Yarn warm winter accessories has you covered (figuratively and literally). It includes their Recycled Fisher Beanie Hat, which is available in nine different colours. There’s the Heather and Stone Scarf, that’s also available in Rust and Amber. Plus, our personal favourite piece, this snug Recycled Blanket to cosy up in by the fire. 

All products are produced in a local Manchester factory using GRS (Global Recycle Standard) approved recycled yarn. It’s made from 50% recycled cotton and 50% recycled PET. The yarn is spun in a Spanish factory that is powered by solar energy, the cotton proportion is taken from pre-consumer waste and the polyester from recycled plastic bottles. All these items are part of WAWWA’s continued 1+1 collection that sees a product donated to the homeless for every hat, scarf, t-shirt or pair of socks bought from the range.

From £28, WAWWA

Cashmere-wool Scarf

ASKET cashmere wool scarf

Since we’re on the topic of knitwear, how about this gorgeous unisex Cashmere-Wool Scarf from ASKET? This classic fall-winter accessory is timelessly chic, perfect for staying warm on your way to festive celebrations. A mix of Cashmere and Merino wool, It’s as soft and cosy as it is gentler on the planet: it’s woven from 100% recycled wool. 

This scarf is available in 2 sizes: Classic size 185 cm x 37 cm for £70 and Oversized 200cm x 50cm for £85. It also comes in a variety of staple neutral colours.

£70, ASKET


Billfold Wallet

Elvis & Kresse Billfold Wallet

A wallet might seem like a pretty staple gift idea – but how about a wallet made from reclaimed fire-hoses? The Elvis & Kresse Billfold Wallet is made from decommissioned fire-hose that have been previously used in active duty, fighting fires around the UK for up to 25 years. A wallet can’t get much cooler than that… Oh, except it can. It’s also lined with reclaimed military-grade parachute silk.

Though the material is naturally water resistant and extremely durable, a contactless card will still work right through the hose. 

This wallet is available in the red or more rare yellow hose. Just to make this gift extra special, you can opt to have your chosen wallet personalised.

£75, Elvis & Kresse

Card Holder

Elvis & Kresse card holder

If you like the sound of the Billfold Wallet as a gift but are looking for something a little smaller, the chances are you’ll love Elvis & Kresse’s Fire & Hide Card Holder. Featuring a sleek and simple clamshell design, this wallet combines rescued Burberry leather and decommissioned fire-hose and is also lined with reclaimed parachute silk. 

And, as with the Billford Wallet, you have the option to personalise your item with a name or a short and sweet message!

£50, Elvis & Kresse

Solar Powered Watch

There’s watches and then there are Solios Watches – a collection of stylishly minimalist watches featuring an innovative solar design. 

For the urban, eco-conscious man, this sleek Solar Black Watch is a perfect gift. You can customise the watch by choosing the colour of the vegan leather wrist strap. You can also select either a black, rose gold or silver watch face casing.

These watches are all powered by clean, renewable energy (solar) and built with components that are easy on the environment. They are the first and only B Corp Certified watch company.

£210, Solios Watches

Christmas Socks

If you ask us, Christmas themed socks are an entirely underrated Christmas present. 

There’s just something about popping on a pair of Santa socks that adds a little festive pep in our steps…

Spread the festive cheer this year with these vegan, GOTS Certified organic cotton Christmas Tree socks from Komodo, available in either gold or ocean. 

They also have these even funkier festive animal patterned socks, available in olive and sand, for £7.44. 

These are the perfect small gifts for Secret Santa or stocking fillers!

£7, Project Cece

Socks Gift Box

Absolutely Bear sock gift box

Of course, socks are not just for Christmas. And one never has enough socks, right? You can’t go wrong with this three-pack of socks Gift Box from Absolutely Bear. A selection of three funky, navy and orange print socks all made from organic cotton, these feet cosies are not only top-quality, they’re also a better choice for the planet, too. 

£30, Absolutely Bear

Organic Beanie Hat

A good beanie is a winter essential.

This simple, stylish and cosy ribbed knit Beanie Hat from Silverstick is made from 100% organic cotton. Available in black or oatmeal, these neutral colours are great for either dressing up for a smarter evening look or down for casual day attire.

£26, Brothers We Stand

Olive Green Beanie

But, of course. Not all beanies are made equal. If you prefer a deeper colour, consider this Organic Cotton Beanie from Absolutely Bear. It’s made from certified organic cotton in a flattering olive green. It also features the brand’s signature embroidered bear, promising a cosy Christmas chic look!

£20, Absolutely Bear

Organic Scarf

Brothers We Stand Ribbed Scarf

This Organic Ribbing Scarf by Knowledge Cotton Apparel would make a stylish addition to any outfit. 

Made from 100% organic cotton, this simple yet smart scarf comes in an array of colours, from a solid Forest Green, an eye-catching orange to a gorgeous royal purple. There’s a colour for everyone!

£45, Brothers We Stand

Polo Shirt

Sustainable Christmas gifts for him| Absolutely Bear Blue Polo Shirt

If a collared polo shirt is more your thing, check out Absolutely Bear. This flattering Organic Cotton Polo Shirt is made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and comes in a lovely oak sky blue. 

£55, Absolutely Bear


Beauty Gift Box

After another wildly hectic year, we all deserve a bit of TLC, and for that, this Beauty Gift Box by Lora GENE is the perfect gift.

Help someone you love start their day in the best way with this luxury morning kit which includes: the Pristine Genie micelar water to hydrate your skin and leave it fresh and glowy; Jade or Rose Quarz face roller to improve blood circulation and blend your beauty products better; a silk scrunchie made with zero waste practises; and a silk protective mask that’s good for your skin as well as offering protection from viruses.

All the products featured are sustainably sourced and placed in fully recyclable packaging.

£45, Lora Gene

Mini Solar Watch Gift Set

Sustainable Christmas gifts | Solios Watches Mini Solar Watch

Solios Watches has recently launched their new ‘Mini Solar’ watch of a smaller, even sleeker design. 

It features interchangeable straps made from vegan leather or recycled stainless steel, available in an array of colours. Powered by clean, renewable energy (solar) and built with environmentally-friendly components and materials, these watches are a great gift for the stylish and sustainably conscious. 

A Mini Solar watch is available to purchase individually from £190, or in a Solios ‘Mini Solar’ Gift Set with two changeable straps from £217.00.

From £217, Solios Watches

Acorn Enamel Studs

Eily O Connell stud earings
Acorn Enamel Studs in Misty Sea, Eily O Connell

Looking for a truly unique and special gift? These mesmerising enamelled stud earrings by Eily O Connell are just that.

Where designer and goldsmith Eily O Connell is heavily inspired by the natural world, the studs feature a quirky acorn style cup shape.

They are created in an array of stunningly frosty Wintry tones, including the pictured ‘misty Sea’, making these earrings a wonderful present for this chilly time of year.

Handmade, and enamelled by Eily in her Bristol based studio, these hand painted earrings are crafted in recycled solid silver and then the enamel has been carefully fired inside the acorn.

What makes Eily O Connell jewellery even more special is that it is made with sustainability in mind. O Connell prides herself on crafting her pieces using high quality, ethical and well sourced materials. 

£105, Eily O Connell

Charm Pendant

This removable charm, which can be added to either hoop earrings or chain necklaces, is a lovely versatile gift for that special someone. Made from reconstituted Pearl and Gold, this stunning pendant is handmade by Pooja, Praniti, Asha, Vimla and Rekha, at a Living Wage jewellery making co-operative in Jaipur, India. The co-operative receives £10.49 per sale.

£42, Birdsong

Statement Seasonal Earrings

Know any veg lovers who would rock of a pair of funky earrings? These cute and quirky Protein Charm Hoop Earrings by Gung Ho might just be the perfect find. 

Made in collaboration with Charlotte Chalk, a Devon-based sustainable Jeweller, these dainty hoop earrings are hand-carved from recycled silver. With a gorgeous texture to the hoop itself, paired with the intricate details of these veggies, your lucky recipient will fall in love! 

You can even mix and match to make your perfect pair: choose from a pea pod, broccoli, kale or brussel sprout (my favourite ironic pick for Christmas).

Even more reason to adore these vegtastic statement hoops, they were designed to inspire and remind people of how eating more plant based is one of the everyday changes we can take to lower our impact on this planet. 

Plus, £5 of every purchase goes towards charity. 

£120, Gung Ho

Star Necklace

This beautiful and affordable silver Little Star Necklace is made by Solitude the Label, an Amsterdam-based brand founded by two sustainably-minded sisters. What better way is there to show someone you think they’re a star? 

Made from recycled silver, it’s sure to be adored by any recipient who actively cares for the planet.

The necklace is slightly adjustable so can be worn as a choker necklace or a little lower onto the chest, however your giftee likes it best. 

£42.50, Project Cece

Hair Scrunchie

When it comes to stocking fillers, it’s all about stocking up on the essentials: sweets, chocolate, funky socks, lip balm, nice smelling toiletries, and a trusty pack of hairbands (to replace the ones you’ve misplaced throughout the year). But, why not upgrade from the standard drugstore multi-pack? 

Gung Ho’s beautifully colourful scrunchies are the perfect hair accessory.  Each one is one-of-a-kind and handmade in London from offcuts of patterned Silk Tencel. Their individual patterned fabric also highlights a difference social or environmental cause. Take their Action Scrunchie for instance, which is made from their ‘Action print fabric’ which illustrates the simple actions we can individually take to make a difference to the climate crisis. 

£15.00, Gung Ho


Disco Sweatshirt

Blonde Gone Rogue Disco Sweatshirt

Unsure what to buy a fun and playful fashionista? This Funky Disco Organic Sweatshirt from Blonde Gone Rogue might be exactly what you’re looking for! Cute, cosy and comfortable, this sweatshirt, available in ash pink or turquoise, is a great winter gift. It’s made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton so it feels as good as it looks.

£68, Blonde Gone Rogue

Vegan Reclaimed Fur Slippers

Vegan Fur Slippers | White | Birdsong

At the risk of sounding dramatic, a good pair of slippers is essential to surviving the cold winter months! These gorgeous Vegan Reclaimed Fur Open Slippers from Birdsong are the definition of winter chic. 

Hand-crafted in London from high quality, reclaimed materials, these soft slippers are perfect for traipsing around the house! The soles are also designed to mould to your feet for ultimate comfort and support.

But, the best part of these slippers is that they’re made by women who are facing barriers to employment in Bethnal Green, East London, for a London Living wage. 

It’s worth noting that these are made to order with up to a 3 week wait, so best get your order in quickly! 

£69, Birdsong

Glitter Socks

Where there are slippers, there’s socks (at least, we hope there are…)

The Stella Glitter Socks made by Swedish Stockings – a pantihose brand that makes sustainable tights using recycled yarn – perfectly encapsulates the fun spirit of Christmas and New Year. 

Available in black, grey, pink and blue, these semi opaque sparkly ribbed socks are knitted from recycled yarn in a zero-waste, emission free facility in Italy.

I can’t think of a better stocking filler, than a pair of actual stockings. 

£14.28, Project Cece

Climate Sweatshirt

Gung Ho Climate Sweatshirt

What is Christmas without a little small talk about the weather and politics – family and global – thrown in?

Hopefully, most of us are on the same page with the climate crisis by now, but as we all eat and drink to excess, this beautifully designed and embroidered Climate Sweatshirt also has the potential to be a nice conversation starter about the clashing weather conditions that will become ever more frequent and ever more extreme as temperatures rise. 

We advise buying true to size if you’re pairing with jeans or your favourite mini skirt for festive outings and one size larger if you’re looking for super-cosy loungewear.

As well as being a brand that pays huge attention to ethics and sustainability, Gung Ho gives 10% of its profits back to a charity that works with that issue you’re wearing – in this case Friends of the Earth. 

£120, Gung Ho


Luxury Lingerie

Red silk satin Rosie Lee Buttress & Snatch underwear
Image: Matilda Pine

Make someone feel like a million bucks this Christmas with this gorgeous Rosie Lee Silk Bra and matching Rosie Lee silk flowers knickers from Buttress & Snatch, a small independent Hackney-based artisanal lingerie specialist.

Made using luxurious deep red silk satin and hand finished with vintage velvet flowers, silk tulle detail and beads, this stunning statement set will be treasured for life! 

Everything is made in their Hackney workroom, predominantly by founder Rachel, with occasional assistance. Any helpers are highly skilled specialists and, as such, are paid above the London Living wage. Roughly 80% of their materials are sustainably sourced, often vintage fabrics, 40% of which comes from dead stock and industry waste.

£250, Buttress & Snatch

Gingham Knickers

Buttress & Snatch Gingham underwear
Image: Matilda Pine

It’s always a nice surprise to find a pair of pants within your stocking. These lovely Gingham Knickers from Buttress & Snatch are made from organic cotton which is hand dyed and hand woven on household looms in Kerala. They are also made with all natural rubber and sewn using cotton thread. They are available in Rose, Daisy or Bluebell shades and are hand made in Hackney.

£32, Buttress & Snatch

Shirt cut gift service

Buttress & Snatch shirt gift service
Image: Matilda Pine

Another great gift idea from Buttress & Snatch, they offer a gift service where you send in an old shirt and they’ll recycle it into a unique pair of knickers or boxers, which they’ll then send back to you in a box with the bits and snips.

As designer Rachel points out, there’s potential for a good joke in there somewhere: ‘Hohoho darling, look what I did with your favourite shirt…’

£64, Buttress & Snatch


kite Squirrel Hat and Mitts

My Little Green Wardrobe squirrel hat and mittens for newborns

Looking for something to buy a little one for their first Christmas? We’re not convinced there’s anything cuter than this organic two-piece squirrel hat and glove set.

Made with GOTS organic cotton with a little bit of stretch and knitted with a soft jersey lining, this set will keep any little squirrel trendy and toasty throughout the colder winter months.

Available in sizes 6 – 24 months.

£21.00, My Little Green Wardrobe

Rainbow Knit Dress

My Little Green Wardrobe rainbow knit dress

“Party or play, feel cosy all the way!”. This colourful midweight organic cotton dress with textured knit rainbow stripes will surely brighten any child’s day. It features handy front pockets perfect for carrying any little hidden treasures and is made with an ethically-sourced coconut button shoulder opening for easy dressing and comfort. Made from 100% GOTS organic cotton.

Available in sizes 2-5 years.

£21.00, My Little Green Wardrobe

Lilly + Sid Tartan Check Shirt

My Little Green Wardrobe tartan boys shirt

For all the Christmas season festivities, this smart/casual organic cotton tartan check boy’s shirt is the perfect style for family parties and endless fun. The nickel-free popper fastenings are great for easy-peasy dressing. Super soft, this shirt is made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. It’s also printed with eco-friendly azo-free dyestuffs.

Available in sizes 2-6 years.

£24, My Little Green Wardrobe

Small & Bright – the baby Christmas box

Sustainable Christmas gift for babies aged 0-2

When it comes to toys, try the Small & Bright boxes of learning, for children aged 0-2. These boxes enable little ones to explore and discover independently.vThey are inspired by the Montessori approach to education, which places great emphasis on the notion of “respect”, and is designed to inspire self-esteem and self-awareness. Each item is thoughtfully sourced, there is hardly any plastic in sight, and activity cards give ideas on how to use the toys in different ways as the baby develops and grows. Available as single boxes or as a monthly subscription.

£35, Small & Bright

‘Who do I See in the Mirror?’ Picture Book

Sustainable Christmas gift for kids aged 0 - 6 | Who do I see in the Mirror? Book

Who Do I See in the Mirror? is a gorgeously illustrated and powerful book that reminds children they are so much more than their physical appearance. “The little girl, Philly, has so much self-love, it’s contagious.” 

£10, Philly & Friends

Mud & Bloom children’s gardening and nature crafts subscription box

Sustainable Christmas gift for kids aged 3 - 8 | Mud & Bloom

What do you buy kids aged 3 – 8, for Christmas? How about the gift of nature that keeps on giving. These boxes arrive in your letterbox every month. They come with four seasonal growing and craft activities, plus instructions, nature news and games to teach children about the seasons, plants, insects, birds, soil and rainfall. All boxes come with organic, peat-free compost pellets to enable anyone to grow the seeds regardless of whether they have access to a garden. If you can’t complete all the activities in term-time, they make for great ideas come the holidays.

£35.85, Mud & Bloom


Reusable silk face mask

Sustainable Christmas gifts | ethical masks

Luckily, face mask designs have come a long way since we first started having to wear them. They are not only more comfortable, but can be stylish and sustainable, too – and make a lovely practical gift. These luxurious Lora Gene masks are made from silk, which may help repel moisture droplets and reduce fabric wetting and thus maintain breathability and comfort. They also look really great, too.

£19, Lora GENE

Optimist reusable face mask

Sustainable Christmas gifts | Birdsong Ethical Facemasks

Bold, bright and seriously positive, Birdsong face masks will make you and everyone around you smile, even if you can’t see it. These double-layered masks are made from end-of-roll cotton and printed with the word OPTIMIST in rainbow colours. Most importantly, though, whichever mask you buy, Birdsong makes sure its seamstresses receive the living wage. 

£24, Birdsong

Face masks

Gung Ho Face Masks

Gung Ho is another clothing brand with a focus on bold and bright designs – many containing hidden meanings. No less care has been taken when it comes to Gung Ho’s face masks, which are made out of organic cotton and tencel offcuts, double layered with a filter you can replace.

£15, Gung Ho

P.S. Did you know each household’s waste increases by 30 per cent over the Christmas period, across the UK. And among all this rubbish, gift wrap and cards are some of the biggest contributors. We throw out around 300,000 tonnes of card packaging each year, enough rolls of wrapping paper to circle the globe a staggering nine times every Christmas and somewhere in the region of one billion cards… So, switching to sustainable gift wrap and eco-friendly cards is another thing you can do to minimise waste this festive season.

Main image: NLWA


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