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CAZ Studio: What is it?

At CAZ Studio, they’ve woven a tale where cashmere and consciousness cosy up, proving that you can elevate your style without compromising the planet. 

They specialise in crafting contemporary cashmere sweaters and accessories for both men and women. The UK-based brand makes cashmere knitted from recycled materials, simultaneously helping individuals recycle their old knitwear and turn them into new items.

Their style is timelessly chic, tailored and comfortable cashmere that stands the test of time.

CAZ Studio offer a ready-to-wear collection of jumpers and tops made from recycled cashmere. They also have a made-to-order service where you can choose the style and colour and have an item made bespoke for you. They offer a pre-loved collection of items that have been repaired and refreshed, so they are as good as new and more affordable. Their repair and refresh clinic also promises to give your cashmere a new lease of life with invisible mending and de-pilling.

Founder Marjan Farhad has more than twenty years of experience in the retail industry, specialising in knitwear.  With CAZ Studio, she has centred sustainability in the brand’s ethos, promising to create stunning garments that leave a minimal footprint on the planet and a positive impact on humanity.

She says: CAZ Studio seeks to preserve cashmere pieces within generations of families. My style often consists of pieces I’ve kept in my wardrobe for many years, which I plan to pass down to my daughter, too“.

CAZ Studio’s best-sellers:

CAZ Studio The Maria Cardigan

The Maria Cardigan


CAZ Studio The Carolina Hoodie

The Carolina Hoodie


CAZ Studio The Gina Sweater

The Gina Sweater


CAZ Studio: How Sustainable is it?

CAZ Studio is rooted in meaningful luxury. 

In a world of mass production, CAZ Studio champions family businesses. They craft cashmere with purpose, paving the way for a more sustainable, compassionate fashion landscape.

Marjan says: “Our desire to protect the environment, use resources wisely and support a positive circular economy drives our brand, thus is truly our ‘why’.”

Material Sourcing: CAZ Studio uses recycled cashmere and 100% certified Cariaggi Cashmere, sourced from China and Mongolia and processed in Italy. 

Marjan explains: “Cashmere stands out as the sustainable choice when compared to synthetic materials due to its eco-friendly production process. Derived from the soft undercoat of cashmere goats, its fibres grow back seasonally, allowing for a renewable and repeatable harvesting process that is harmless to the goats. To ensure the welfare of animals, workers, and the environment, our yarn suppliers are certified by The Good Cashmere Standard (GCS).”

Worker’s Rights and Local Communities: At CAZ Studio, they prioritise the well-being of the artisans and communities behind their creations. 

In London, Italy, and Scotland, CAZ Studio collaborates closely with skilled individuals who are paid a living wage, fostering a sense of community and respect. 

They have a very close, personal relationship with a small family factory of eight artisans in Perugia, Italy, and visit regularly. 

Circularity: CAZ Studio support circularity by providing repair and resale services. Their experts can refresh and repair your cashmere pieces, extending their lifespan. For customers who no longer want their sweater, they also offer a re-sale service. They will issue a voucher in exchange for one knitwear jumper of any kind, so long as it is free from synthetic fibres, and add the garment to their ‘pre-loved’ collection.

Packaging and delivery: The brand’s packaging is organic and recycled. 

It is currently sourced from Ceae in India. They recognize the environmental impact of long-distance transportation and are actively seeking a local, eco-friendly alternative within Italy to minimise their carbon footprint. 

CAZ Studio: Where Can I Buy it?

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