Sustainable Meat

We know that eating meat can be a highly contentious topic...

And this is not without good reason. The standards of animal welfare and the environmental impact of intensive animal farming and industrial livestock production are, frankly, devastating. In the UK we rear around 73% of animals in factory farms. This means animals are raised indoors often in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions.

We are a nation of animal-lovers, so what's gone wrong? More importantly, how do we fix it?

Well, we're huge advocates for eating less and better meat...

Livestock farming as a solution to the climate crisis?

We know there are amazing organic and regenerative farmers up and down the country who have animal welfare and the environment at the heart of their businesses.

What's more, these farmers argue that their livestock are not quite the culprits of the climate crisis they have been painted out to be. In fact, they say they are part of the solution because the way they farm helps to store carbon back into soil reducing emissions.

So, if you're a meat-lover looking for great-tasting, high-quality meat that is ethically and sustainably farmed in tune with nature, you've come to the right place.

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