The best sustainable and ethical women’s clothing brands to know

If you’re shopping for ethical women’s clothing from sustainable fashion brands in the UK that don’t compromise on style or quality, then you’ve come to the right place.

We know it can be difficult and confusing to find stylish and genuinely ethical clothing, but there are some great sustainable fashion brands for women in the UK. They just tend to have smaller marketing budgets – so you need to know where to look.

To help get you started, we’ve rooted out 17 of the best sustainable fashion brands for ethical womenswear – and we’re sharing them here with you. 

Each of these ethical clothing brands for women offer alternative apparel to that from the fast fashion industry.

These eco-friendly and people-friendly clothing brands continue to prove that on-trend, stylish clothes doesn’t need to come at the cost of the earth, workers rights – or your bank account.

Each brand has completed a comprehensive questionnaire about their ethical standards from workers in the supply chain to sustainable materials. This means you can be assured in their eco-credentials and simply enjoy shopping for your favourite items from their high quality offerings.

The Live Frankly seal of approval:

These are really good brands, doing good things. To be included in this list, each brand has been given the Live Frankly seal of approval. We are not a certification, but we talk with every brand and ask them to complete a comprehensive questionnaire about their ethical standards before we feature them. No brand is perfect – we’re all operating in an imperfect world – but only purpose-driven brands that are working to change things for the better are allowed on Live Frankly.

We ask that workers’ rights and pay are ensured across the supply chain, that brands use sustainable materials and want to know about their governance structures. This means you can be confident these brands are some of the most ethical and sustainable around. If you have any questions please get in touch.

Women’s sustainable fashion brands UK: 17 ethical brands you can trust

Best women’s sustainable brands at a glance:

Pantee | Sustainable and comfy staples

Why we love Pantee:

  • For Pantee, comfort is key: we’re talking no underwires or tight straps, no constricting fits or designs, just well made cosy clothing. 
  • What started as an underwear company has now grown into covering all staples, including t-shirts, bodysuits, sweatshirts, joggers, underwear and socks. 
  • There’s a wide range – thongs, boxers, bikini or high-waisted briefs and double-layered, underwire-free bras.
  • They have re-imagined the basics with a versatile, neutral range that offers comfort and support for those on-the-go days and nights.
  • Everything can be mixed and matched – you’re not restricted by sets being a certain size, so you can find your perfect pairing.
  • Their models are very diverse and represent real women.

Why Pantee is a better choice:

  • Pantee is female founded and run, and they pride themselves on ‘progress and transparency’.
  • Their garments are cut and sewn in a small-scale sample room in Bangladesh where Pantee maintains a personable relationship with its owner. 
  • Their workers are guaranteed safe working conditions, paid above average living wage, paid maternity leave and earn bi-yearly bonuses. 
  • Roughly 85% of their materials are sustainably sourced deadstock. They use 95% organic cotton with 5% elastane (to provide the stretch needed for underwear).
  • They source the elastics and trims on their underwear sets from a local stock market in Bangladesh, making sure to buy the exact amount of trims and elastics needed to avoid producing their own deadstock. 
  • Their packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable. 
  • Pantee is also a 1% For The Planet member, which means it has committed to giving one per cent of gross annual sales to certified non-profit organisations.


The Revivas | Online sustainable marketplace

Why we love The Revivas:

  • The Revivas’ USP is to make sustainable fashion the norm so it creates a positive social and environmental impact.  
  • They bring together really cool and stylish brands that meet their sustainable and ethical standards.
  • The collection is super encompassing, including dresses, tops, trousers, jumpsuits, beachwear, activewear, lingerie, nightwear, plus accessories and bags 
  • They’re on a mission to accelerate the shift to sustainable fashion by making it more affordable and accessible for everyone.
  • Brands to shop there include Wild Cloud, Leticia Credidio, INNNA, Culthread and Dilli Grey.

Why The Revivas is a better choice:

  • You can filter your shopping experience by sustainability values: People Conscious (ethically made, artisan pieces and support good causes), Planet Conscious (organic, responsibly sourced, uses toxic free and recycled materials) and Animal Conscious (vegan and cruelty-free). 
  • To be featured on the site, a product must meet a minimum of being ethically made from the People Conscious category, and meet at least one other value from Planet Conscious and Animal Conscious.
  • For each order, one mangrove tree is planted in Madagascar by Eden Reforestation Projects in partnership with
  • Workers are paid at least the national minimum wage.


Peachaus | Sustainable lingerie and leisurewear

Why we love Peachaus: 

  • Peachaus is an all-round fab women’s lifestyle brand that sells cute and comfy everyday leisurewear, sleepwear and underwear in understated soft colours.
  • The collections’ effortless, comfortable and contemporary feminine style is perfect for leisurely mornings in bed, chilled evenings on the sofa, or popping out for coffee with friends – our kinda vibe.
  • Peachaus’ innovative simple sized system means their garments are designed to have an enhanced, fluid fit, making it easier for women to dress for how they want to feel.
  • From chic matching PJs, light lingerie, smooth activewear and soft joggers, their clothes are consciously crafted from responsibly sourced fabrics.

Why Peachaus is a better choice:

  • Peachaus’ manufacturers each demonstrate a commitment to sustainable production, minimising their environmental impact.
  • They produce high-quality products made to last.
  • They use ethically sourced cotton and recycled Italian lace. 
  • The Peachaus team visits schools and colleges to raise awareness of Circular Design and the problems with fast fashion to help the next generation shop and live more consciously.
  • All employees in the Peachaus team and further supply chain are paid a living wage.


CAZ Studio | Sustainable cashmere

Why we love CAZ Studio:

  • The aim of CAZ Studio is to preserve cashere and much-loved items made from it, in order to pass them down through generations, as well as preventing any cashmere going to landfill. 
  • As well as making new cashmere clothing and accessories (jumpers, cardigans and scarves) from recycled materials for both men and women, CAZ Studio also offers a made to measure service, and a pre-loved section so customers can recycle their old knitwear which is sold at a lower price point. 
  • Their repair and refresh clinic also promises to give your cashmere a new lease of life with invisible mending and de-pilling.

Why CAZ Studio is a better choice:

  • In a world of mass production, CAZ Studio champions family businesses. They craft cashmere with purpose, paving the way for a more sustainable, compassionate fashion landscape.
  • They use recycled cashmere and 100% certified Cariaggi Cashmere, sourced from China and Mongolia and processed in Italy. 
  • They have a very close, personal relationship with a small family factory of eight artisans in Perugia, Italy, and visit regularly. 
  • They support circularity by providing repair and resale services.
  • CAZ Studio collaborates closely with skilled individuals who are paid a living wage.
  • The brand’s packaging is organic and recycled. 


Wellicious | Sustainable yogawear

Why we love Wellicious:

  • Wellicious creates chic yoga wear that looks, feels and performs fantastically.
  • It is a Cradle to Cradle Certified® brand specialising in stylish and sustainable yoga fashion, including sports bras, leggings and tank tops.
  • Their flattering modern, minimalist designs are crafted with care and designed to last, so they will hold their shape, wear-after-wear, season-after-season.
  • Made from sustainable lightweight yet strong silhouette-smoothing fabrics, their garments let you move freely and with confidence through every pose. 

Why Wellicious is a better choice:

  • Ensuring a transparent system is upheld at every stage of production, all of their yarns, fabrics, and supply chain, from suppliers to production facilities, are Cradle to Cradle Certified®.
  • Clothing is made from GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and biodegradable elastane.
  • Wellicious offers 10% off your next purchase when you send your well loved Wellicious clothes back to them for composting.


Arms of Andes | Sustainable activewear

Why we love Arms of Andes:

  • Arms of Andes makes outdoor clothing from high-quality natural Alpaca Wool, including t-shirts, hoodies, thermals, jackets, underwear and more. 
  • Their designs stand out for their comfort, style and performance. 
  • Alpaca wool is naturally thermal and moisture-wicking, so it keeps your body warm and protected in extreme weather. 
  • It is also lightweight, breathable and sweat-resistant and even has naturally anti-bacterial and odour resistant properties which help you and your clothes stay clean.

Why Arms of Andes is a better choice: 

  • They use 100% Alpaca wool from family-run Alpaca farms in the Peruvian Andes.
  • The wool is washed with biodegradable detergent and they use natural/low impact fabric-dyes, 100% cotton threads and labels, and OEKO-TEX certified fabric finishing.
  • The brand has developed plastic-free zippers, switched to 100% natural fabric finishing and removed all traces of petrochemicals in their supply chain.
  • It is a single origin manufacturing brand, meaning everything from making the fibre through to the finished garment and packaging happens in Peru.
  • Having a single origin improves the traceability and carbon footprint of their supply chain.
  • They even have their own manufacturing studio there where production is overseen by one of the brand’s co-founders. 
  • All employees receive a living wage and benefits in line with Peruvian law. 


Man and Women sitting on rock wearing Silverstick clothing

Silverstick | Clothing for the great outdoors

Why we love Silverstick:

  • Silverstick is an outdoor clothing brand that embodies the spirit of adventure. 
  • Their contemporary athleisurewear includes staple hoodies and relaxed joggers, graphic tees and light polo shirts.
  • Available in a range of colours and featuring creative artwork, their designs are stylish, durable and comfortable – and they’re fairly-priced, too. 
  • Inspired by the Silverstick bird, which represents the roving spirit of adventure, it encourages wearers to spread their wings.

Why Silverstick is a better choice:

  • The clothing is designed to ‘leave only footprints’ as it uses GOTS certified Aegean organic cotton, low impact certified non-toxic natural dyes, and water based inks for printing.
  • The brand’s accessories, including hats and socks, are made in Britain, reducing the brand’s carbon footprint.
  • Only premium fabrics are used and to ensure durability, the brand stress-tests every garment so they know it can cope with anything the outdoors can throw at it.


Pitod | Genderless casual clothing

Why we love Pitod:

  • Pitod is a fashion brand that believes “the frame we are born in does not define who or what we are”.
  • They produce genderless everyday clothing that is designed to be worn by anyone, regardless of their gender identity.
  • Producing high-quality casual and inclusive wardrobe staples, from graphic tees to hoodies, t-shirt dresses to joggers, Pitod’s garments are timeless, versatile and made to last from organic and recycled materials. 

Why Pitod is a better choice:

  • Pitod’s mission is to give back to the planet and empower the people that work on it.
  • Their items are produced in a single factory, Stanley Stella in Bangladesh, which was carefully selected for their high sustainable, fair trade and ethical standards as well as their use of only organic and/or recycled materials. 
  • The factory is audited yearly and is certified to pay employees at least a living wage.
  • Pitod are also 1% for the planet members.


Valentina Karellas | Sustainable knitwear

Why we love Valentina Karellas:

  • Valentina Karellas creates high quality bold statement knitwear from surplus yarn, so each design is a unique combination of threads.
  • In 2020, Karellas was included in the Top 40 British Knitwear Designers list by Make it British.
  • As well as jumpers, the collection includes knitted tube dresses in bold blocks of colour as well as brightly coloured beanies and mittens that will keep you stylish and warm.

Why Valentina Kareallas is a better choice:

  • The brand’s zero waste ethos is showcased on her garments with delicate strings that hang loose from the seams, creating a chicly dishevelled look.
  • The cashmere is sourced from a UK family run business, and ethically produced following nomadic farming methods in Mongolia.
  • The goats the cashmere is sourced from are not entirely sheared, which would leave them cold in winter. Instead, only the hair from the chin down to the neck is sheared, which is also the softest material.
  • Valentina uses hand powered vintage knitting machines, meaning every piece uses zero energy.
  • Each item is made to order and any tiny fibres are gathered, collected and used for visible mending projects, a service offered to improve the longevity of pieces.


Lora GENE | Sustainable luxury dresses

Why we love Lora GENE:

  • Lora GENE is a contemporary, forward-thinking and inclusive London-based luxury womenswear label that is all about empowering women and taking care of the planet.
  • The collection prioritises quality over quantity and includes cosy knitwear and classic wardrobe staples as well as formal wear and show-stopping occasion dresses. 
  • Lora GENE not only stands out for its style and quality, but because of its sustainable approach to fashion.

Why Lora GENE is a better choice:

  • Everything is made to order as the brand prioritises minimising their use of resources and eliminating waste in every stage of the product life cycle.
  • They operate as transparent and sustainable a supply chain as possible using suppliers which echo the brand’s high environmental and social standards, implementing eco-friendly practices and paying their employees fairly.
  • In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, they source only from Europe. 
  • They use only deadstock materials, roughly 90% of which is made up of natural fibre materials (mainly silk and cotton). 
  • All of the tailors working for Lora Gene earn a living wage.


Leticia Credidio | Sustainable sleepwear

Why we love Leticia Credidio:

  • Leticia Credidio is a luxury sleepwear and loungewear brand made by an Italian-Japanese-Brazilian designer of the same name.
  • Credidio’s work is heavily inspired by the natural world and by nature, which has resulted in her winter birds collection and her ocean collection, paying homage to our beloved oceans and coral reefs.
  • The ocean range is made with an innovative sustainable and certified seaweed fabric (SeaCell) which contains nutrients and has a healing effect, calming and moisturising our skin.
  • The collections can be worn as loungewear as well as sleepwear – although they’re so comfortable you just might want to wear them all the time…

Why Leticia Credidio is a better choice:

  • All of Credidio’s garments are hand-crafted in Italy by a family-run atelier using organic (GOTS-certified) and sustainable fabrics. 
  • All the packaging is made from discarded fabrics from a recycling centre in London.


Rapanui womenswear

Rapanui | Sustainable adventurewear

Why we love Rapanui:

  • Rapanui is a great brand for organic cotton essentials, especially for lovers of the ocean and great outdoors – even Sir David Attenborough gives the brand his seal of approval.
  • They offer all the basics, such as t-shirts, jumpers, knickers and socks, which are even sold in bundles making them slightly cheaper too.

Why Rapanui is a better choice:

  • Rapunai operates as a social enterprise on the Isle of Wight, helping to combat youth unemployment. 
  • They use a closed-loop water system for dyeing clothes that filters water so well it’s pure enough to drink.
  • The factories where the clothes are made are powered by renewables and all fabric printing is done using non-toxic inks. 
  • Every organic cotton product is designed to be sent back for remanufacturing, which is made easy by free postage and a £5 credit towards the next purchase.
  • They’ve almost removed single-use plastic from their supply chain.


AYA Ethical women's clothing brand

AYA | Sustainable staples

Why we love AYA:

  • AYA is the sister brand of Arms of Andes and creates high quality yet affordable staple tops and underwear for men and women. 
  • This clothing brand is all about putting people and the environment first. 
  • Made from luxury materials like royal alpaca wool and organic pima cotton, their garments are not only super soft on your skin, but gentle on the planet, too. 
  • The quality of their materials also ensures a more long-lasting design, so you can really get the most out of these everyday items.

What makes AYA a better choice:

  • Unusually, everything from the fibre to the finished garment, is done in just one country, Peru, making it a single origin manufacturing brand. 
  • The garments are made in AYA’s own studio which allows for more innovation and traceability in their production.


WAWWA cargo skirt in khaki

WAWWA | Sustainable streetwear

Why we love WAWWA:

  • WAWWA is a fashionable unisex clothing brand that sells a range of outerwear and streetwear. 
  • Their contemporary style marries practicality and comfort with a trendy, cool edge that’s also high quality wardrobe essentials, like t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hoodies, across body bags, trousers and even the odd bucket hat.
  • From the offset, WAWWA’s founders have focused on creating clothes in a more planet and people friendly manner.

Why WAWWA is a better choice:

  • They have established a transparent, ethical and eco-friendly supply-chain.
  • Factories used in Portugal and India are sustainably powered. 
  • Items made in Manchester pay workers above a living wage and one in Bolton refuses to work with fast fashion brands. 
  • Around 95% of the materials used are sustainably sourced, including GOTS certified organic cotton, recycled yarn and recycled denim.
  • Any plastic in the packaging is recyclable, and all the shipping bags and some of the garment bags are compostable.
  • WAWWA is authentic in their goal to do good in the world. They have a 1+1 commitment, where they donate socks and hats to homeless shelters and organisations across the UK. 


Shop Like You Give a Dam | Sustainable online marketplace

Why we love Shop Like You Give a Damn:

  • Shop Like You Give A Damn is an online marketplace that, as the name quite literally suggests, makes ethical shopping easy for those who give a damn.
  • Whether you’re shopping for fashion, activwear, nightwear, cosmetics, homewares or kids clothes toys, among its there’s 20,000 products you’re sure to find plenty to add to your basket.
  • Brands on the platform include Cariki, Komodo, Organication and Brava Fabrics.
  • Shoppers can filter products by criteria that matter most to them. So, you can easily shop inline with your values – or those of the person you’re buying for – whether that’s supporting a social enterprise, or gifts made from recycled or plastic-free materials.
  • Shop Like You Give A Damn say: “We give a damn about the world and invite you to do the same. Shop with compassion. No more than you need. And always vegan, fair and as sustainable as possible.”

Why Shop Like You Give A Damn is a better choice:

  • Everything it sells is 100% vegan, fair and sustainable, while it also champions being inclusive as well as mission-driven businesses. 
  • They encourage customers to shop with passion, and buy consciously rather than making rash purchases.
  • The brand’s staff are all paid a living wage along with benefits.


Unhidden | Inclusive clothing designs

Why we love Unhidden:

  • There’s a lot to love about Unhidden, but top of our list is how it embodies inclusivity with its truly accessible range. 
  • The entire collection – from shirts to trousers to dresses – is designed to be body inclusive, size inclusive and customisable for people with disabilities.
  • Down to the last detail, their adaptive designs and product lines are considerate of people’s individual clothing requirements, which are too often overlooked by the fashion world.

Why Unhidden is a better choice:

  • Unhidden are as socially conscious as they are ethically and sustainably responsible.
  • They work closely with a factory in Bulgaria, employ a factory liaison and 20 seamstresses all of whom are highly skilled, paid above the living wage, and entitled to benefits.
  • Unhidden only uses deadstock fabrics and manufacturers who are committed to reducing waste. 
  • Their plastic-free packaging is all recyclable or compostable and sourced from certified UK based companies.


Project Cece | Online sustainable marketplace

Why we love Project Cece:

  • All female founded brand Project Cece is the largest online marketplace for stylish and ethical clothing in Europe, featuring 400 brands – and growing.
  • Some brands to expect include MUD Jeans, Alohas, Komodo, GAÂLA and Lafaani.
  • Project Cece does all the hard work of researching and curating a collection of feel-good fashion, by bringing together lots of different sustainable brands into one platform.

Why Project Cece is a better choice:

  • Brands listed on Project Cece fall into at least one of five main categories: fair trade; use eco-friendly practices and/or materials; vegan; support a good cause; produced in Europe. 
  • Each brand is vetted and must meet Project Cece’s criteria (with a minimum of being fair trade and environmentally friendly) to be featured on the website.
  • If a brand’s standards slip, it is removed from the platform.


Side note: Free returns really hit small brands hard because they’re not actually free. It takes time to pack and unpack clothes and costs money to send packages back. Did you know that sometimes big brands send your returns straight to landfill? So, help them out. Try only to order what you really want, and return items when absolutely necessary.

Main image: Lora Gene

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